Ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas this Wedding Season!

pre wedding photography

Looking for the latest Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas? We bring to you the Ultimate photoshoot trends and ideas for this wedding season!

Top Pre wedding shoot Ideas that you Just can’t MISS… simply get, set, go!

Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas – #16 The ‘Knee Deep in Love’ Shot!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Truly, madly, deeply!!!

Picture Courtesy: Knotty Affair

There’s something sooooo intense and magical about these blue hued ‘deeeeeeeply in love’ pictures that just mesmerizes us!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Let’s Play!

Picture Courtesy: Fotografia 9

Their expressions say it all!

pre wedding shoot ideas
Truly,madly, deeply!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding365

Sea beaches, lakes, rivers, you and him – that’s all you need to create perfect memories!

#15 ‘Tenu Leke Main Javanga’ Shot!

pre wedding shoot ideas
Let’s take off!

Picture Courtesy: awara_kt

When love is in the air, who needs permission!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Le jaaenge… Le jaaenge….!

Picture Courtesy: FF Studio

And when you go twinning… its just so much more cuter!

#14 Drone or Aerial Shot!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Love is in the air!!!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Lens Art

A shot from above is always romantic & can lend a magestic, cinematic angle to your love story!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Laid out!!!

Picture Courtesy: Preach Art

We louuuuve how cool and stunning this pair looks from above!

#13 Cuddly Love!

pre wedding shoot
Of love, pooches & smooches! 😘😍

Picture Courtesy: The Storyteller

If there’s anything cuter than your love, it’s that pooch!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
You, Me & Us!

Picture Courtesy: Happy FlashBacks

So when you have pets, why not add them to your pre-wedding pictures and cherish their memories forever!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Cutest Proposal!!!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Of course, its always Besties before Misters! 🐶😍

#12 Underwater Shoot!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Marry me?

Picture Courtesy: Still Emotional

What a dreamy way of proposing to your sweetheart!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
The First Kiss!!!

Picture Courtesy: Chetana Bhat Photography

Underwater is just the way to prove that no matter where you are – ‘You’ll always Love her!” So dress up and go down 😘

#11 Kick Ass Click!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Drag your Love into Life!!!

Picture Courtesy: Camera Crew Productions

When you’ve found that person you wanna annoy for the rest of your life – capture it! 😝

Pre wedding shoot
Kick Ass!

Picture Courtesy: Happiness Studios

You’ve got a kick ass love story – so go show off!

pre wedding
Who’s the Boss!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

And this one… is going to be your fav for years to come! 😜

#10 Wonders of Love!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
My Mumtaaz!

Picture Courtesy: The Creative Eye Production

Waaaah Taj! If you’re willing to travel  the extra mile, why not choose these world famous monuments of love as your backdrop 💫⭐🌟

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Love in the City of Love!!!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

And don’t forget to dress up and get some classic shots clicked for these timeless portraits!

#9 Bollywood Ishtyle Love!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Jab We Met!!!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Photography

So you eat, drink, live Bollywood masala movies? Go get clicked in true blue bollywood ishtyle then!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
DDLJ Ishtyle!!!

Picture Courtesy: Aman gera photography

That typical Raj & Simran shot in sarson ke khet is still soooooo romantic!

pre wedding Photography
MBBS Love!

Picture Courtesy: ImageGraphers 

And when 2 real life surgeons fell in love, their cute pre wedding shoot reflected a cool Munnabhai MBBS style!

#8 Wild Wild West!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
A Stable Kind’a Love!

Picture Courtesy:  Shalin Media Arts

Love movies… but the Wild West kind & not really Bollywood? Dress up in cowboy gear, throw on some hats and guns and add a sexy stallion! 🔫🏇🏻

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Raw Love… Sheer Chemistry

Picture Courtesy: SL ART Productions at  The Perfect Location

Nothing like the rustic touch of these beauties and antique cars  to bring out the wild side of your love!

pre wedding shoot
Potter Mania!

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

And how cute is this magical shot between two Harry Potter lovers!

#7 Love Ride!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Shot in Love!!!

Picture Courtesy: AV Photography

Love is a roller coaster ride… nobody can dispute that! And its fun shooting these epic cool ride shots!😎

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Love is… Being Silly Together!

Picture Courtesy: The Story Weavers

A cheeky shot enjoying the bumpiest ride with your sweetheart!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Love happens!!!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Roller coaster love!

pre wedding photography
Go Retro!

Picture Courtesy: PixelStory.in

Or go retro in real vintage style!

#6 Magically Afloat!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Fly High in Love!

Picture Courtesy: Studio A

So these are super fun! Fly high with your love is some pure adulterated shots! 😝

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Love purifies the Soul

Picture Courtesy:  Nishith Dayal photography

After all, love is all about staying afloat with your sins and virtues! 😜

#5 The ‘Can’t Wait to Kiss you’ Moment!

pre wedding shoot
Love Blossoms!

Picture Courtesy: Candid Wedding Stories

That tabooo of an irresistibly passionate kiss… caught and framed, forever!😘

pre wedding photography
Spiderman to the Rescue!

Picture Courtesy: Busy Bee Studio

And our all time favourite is the superhuman upside down ‘Spiderman’ kiss! 💞👌🏻

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
The Going away Kiss!

Picture Courtesy:  Mahima-Bhatia photography

And when you’re going away somewhere… that kiss becomes so much more!!! 😘

#4 The ‘Don’t Care Who’s Watching’ shot!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
The Khullam Khulla pyaar karenge feel!

Picture Courtesy: Matei Horvath Photography

What’s cuter than these li’l angels shutting their eyes for some good old romance time!🙈🙉🙊

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Kiss like No One is Watching!!!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

and make sure the li’l angels see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing naughty!😜

#3 That Super Sexy Waterfall Shot!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Be Yourself in Love!!!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

Lotsa trends have come and gone… but the sizzling waterfall shot still remains among our top favourites! 👌🏻

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Pure Love!

Picture Courtesy: Golden Shutter Studio

Just imagine… You… him… that waterfall… and pure love!!!😍

#2 The Leh Ladhak Pre Wedding Shoot!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Love in Leh!!!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

So Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor have already established Leh Ladakh as photography ‘heaven’ on earth. All you need to do, is go on that road trip, doll up and pose!

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Add on the perks of a ‘too good to resist’ pre wedding vacation – and what more could you ask for!

#1 Too hot to Handle!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Sexy is Back!!!

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

Sizzling bold shots are in. And this stunning shoot featuring Malvika and Rohit has us vowed like nothing ever before! 😘

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Pure Chemistry!!!

Picture Courtesy: irvinsidhu

Simmer under that waterfall? Voila! Sometimes, there’s no better way to capture your chemistry than to let it sizzle!

There you go… You’ve just witnessed some of the best pre wedding shoot ideas and trends this season! Tag your besties, mark your sweetheart and save for your photographer! Don’t have one? Ask us now!

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