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photoshoot in Europe

Dreaming of a fairytale couple shoot in Pretty Paris or Gorgeous Greece while you honeymoon? Studio Snapster’s Romantic Photoshoot in Europe package is just what you’ve been waiting for!

We’re talking to Mukesh Vyas, of Studio Snapster – leading destination wedding photographer…

We’ve seen some great shoots by you in Europe! How did these happen?

pre wedding shoot
Love in arms!

I fly over to Europe at least 3-4 times a year for various photography assignments! Everytime, during these travels, I come across more and more beautiful locations and picturesque spots which I try to recommend to my clients.

photoshoot in Europe
I Do!

Also, it helps that I’m a listed photographer there, so I get the chance to click amazing pictures.

We’d love to know more about the ‘Romantic Photoshoot in Europe’ package you’re offering!

photoshoot in Europe
Love, Laughter, Life!

We are offering an amazing ‘Romantic Photoshoot in Europe’ Package, where we’ll provide Photography + Videography + Makeup + all the guidance about where to shoot in Europe, which spots to cover and what NOT to miss!

pre wedding shoot
Colors of Love!

We’re covering makeup for 2 of the 3 sessions that the shoot will comprise of. So photography,  videos, makeup and local expertise – everything put together at just INR 3.5 lacs.

How many days should one plan this photoshoot for?

pre wedding shoot
Love Blows you Away!

I think 3 days is enough for just a pre-wedding shoot, if you’re not doing videos. A week – if you want videos too.

What are the best locations in Europe for a couple shoot?

photoshoot in Europe
Let’s Coffee!

It really depends on what you love as a couple! But my personal favorites are Santorini, Mykonos, Venice and Paris! These are some of the most romantic places in world!

What are your top tips for people considering European destination shoots?

destination photoshoot
All White!

I think Europe is really beautiful –  with dolled up cobbled streets in some cities to beautiful archaic architecture, fresh blooms everywhere… always clean and ready for a click!

All Yours!

But, if you’re considering a photoshoot there, discuss the destinations with your photographer to get insights and find out more about the places you’re considering… As we say, a second opinion is always good!

Which is the most challenging shoot you’ve ever done?

photoshoot in Europe
In Love!

The Santorini & Mykonos shoot was quite challenging at first, as there’s too much exposure due to the white walls in Greece!

What is the one thing every couple MUST PACK for their Europe Photoshoot?

pre wedding shoot
Indian Love… Euro Style!

I think for girls – lots of dresses! Bright, floral, pastel or whatever your style – but trust me, a good dress and a hat just puts you right in the scene.

And for guys – atleast one formal suit! Something that goes with her dressy gowns. And definitely sunglasses for both!

How do you get couples to pose the way you want?

destination photoshoot

Usually, we just ask them to be themselves!


But there are times when couples get stuck or don’t know what to do, then we do offer suggestions and also try to capture them from different angles to make it stand out!

How did you get into Candid Photography?

pre wedding shoot
Love Happens!

It started as a hobby for me… gradually turned to my passion and then profession!

What’s your favorite kind of photography – pre weddings, weddings or family shoots?

wedding photography
Love & Laughter!

My favorite is weddings & pre wedding shoots.

Is your focus more on emotions or the frame?

destination photoshoot

While both are ultimately important, my first focus is on emotions… because that is what you’ll remember the moment for! And then the frame is important for it to be a beautiful shot!

Wow, isn’t that’s amazing! We love not just their work, but their awesome offer – connect with them NOW on +91 97550 44008 to Book your European Dream Package!

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