Stunning Wedding Mandap Decor Ideas that you MUST SEE!

Your mandap can’t just be about four pillars, some flowers, and a panditji chanting hymns, right? Here’s our choicest wedding mandap decor ideas with dream flowers, themed decors, breathtaking  views and more ideas for you to pick from!

Winter weddings or summer weddings, it’s not easy picking your mandap design unless you’re armed with some great ideas and trends! So we’ve curated some stunning wedding mandap decor ideas that you’ll love to copy and recreate!

Wedding Mandap Decor Ideas – #1 Floral Mandaps

Ethereal oversized fragrant flowers for your mandap? Yes, yes, yes! If you’re a bride who loves all things pastel and floral, then seal the deal under this gorgeous mandap with floral pillars and a a floral centrepiece 🌸

wedding mandap decor
Ethereal in every sense!

Picture Courtesy: Prashe Decor

Hanging floral ceilings can easily replace drapes in mandaps and this big bunch of beautiful, assorted flowers makes it PERFECTTT for that special “You may now kiss the bride” moment! 

indian wedding blog
Imagine a serene Mandap like this!

Picture Courtesy: anjandpri , aklassapart , thea3project

P.S  Wouldn’t you love to take your wedding vows in this dreamy and refreshing pink floral Greek architecture inspired mandap!

wedding mandap decor
The Dreamy Riot

Picture Courtesy: LensEyeZia Productions

#2 Beautiful Beach Mandaps

We have our hearts set on beach weddings that looks soooooo dreamy! If you’re going for a magical sunset wedding, keep the colour palette and tone light, breezy, and minimal (pastels with a pop of pink and yellow work wonders) 😍

indian wedding blog

So cozyyy!

Picture Courtesy: Eventfully Yours Design

This seaside wedding mandap is legit GOALS! Isn’t it a beauty how the natural greens and flowers mingle so well with the transparent beehive lamps and hangings.

wedding mandap decor
Oh that view & reflection!

Picture Courtesy: Prashe Decor

How about a sea facing mandap decor with rustic palm leaves and mirror pillars! Are we right or are we right <3

#3 Our Never-ending Louuuve for Pastel Wedding Mandaps!

Take inspo for your wedding mandap decor from this ethereal acrylic structure filled with myriad hues of pastel flowers and gold hangings! Works wonderfully for both outdoor or indoor mandaps.

indian wedding blog
Aesthetic on point!

Picture Courtesy: Altair Decor

How dreamy is this pastel floral mandap setup – isn’t it perfect for your fairytale wedding? Just imagine getting saying your vows under this magical curtain of fresh flowers! 😍

wedding mandap decor
A perfect fairytale!

Picture Courtesy: ANS Weddings , New Raj Decor

Love pastels as much as us? Then you’ll surely fall in love with this opulent open mandap with creamy drapes for special effect!

TIP: works best for outdoor day weddings and even an indoor Anand Karaj! 

indian wedding blog
Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Picture Courtesy: iNav Photo , Weddings by Wardah

Wedding Mandap Decor Ideas – #4 Go Royal!

wedding mandap decor
Some royalty

Picture Courtesy: Tamarind Global Weddings ,scenografiasumant

If you wish to go for something royal, here is an interesting mandap that oozes ROYALTY with gold jaaliwork, gold Kalash, gorgeous mogra hangings, a regal chandelier and a divine backdrop!  

indian wedding decor
Now that’s Royal!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Decor india

Looking for something grand? Then how about this gorgeous mandap setup that comes with a red rose canopy and mogra strings hanging from the arched ceiling? The grand pillars, chandelier, jaaliwork and stunning lighting create the perfectly regal vibe!

wedding mandap decor
Starry Lights!

Picture Courtesy: Designs By Abhishek

Another favourite is this dome shaped red and gold mandap with temple style pillars, regal candelabras and a stunner of a centrepiece! 

#5 Drape Mandap Decor Ideas

Of course, lavender is the color of love and romance. When going for a winter wedding, we recommend this PERFECTLY unconventional mandap setup thats wonderfully dreamy for your pheras!

indian wedding blog
Moodboard in hues of lilac

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Design Company

Planning your wedding under the open skies in Goa or any other dreamy destination? Take your inspiration from this longish aisle style mandap setup with pretty floral arches and drapes leading to your mandap.

wedding mandap decor
Straight outta DREAM!

Picture Courtesy: SachinRitvika

#6 Minimal Mandaps!

indian wedding blog
For the one all game for Minimalism!

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked , Horizon WIE

Obsessed with all things minimal? We’re sure you’ll fall in loveee with this enchanting personalised aisle leading to the most Instagrammable mandap frame with a beach for a backdrop!  

wedding mandap decor
A view worth taking your vows!

Picture Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

Getting married at a location with a view? Then chuck out those ornate mandap decor ideas for a simple frame that highlights the view, like this stunning flower wreath! 

indian wedding blog
Flower shower kinda day!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Photo Palace

Pro Tip: You can pull off this look for both day and night weddings! Cozy and inviting, isn’t it?

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Wedding Mandap Decor Idea – #7 Go traditional with #Gendaphool

wedding mandap decor
Flowery Paradise

Picture Courtesy: With Love, Nilma

Whether you’re an Indian living in our desh or videsh, the ubiquitous genda phool has a special meaning whenever there’s something festive around! We love how simple earthy elements like rows of marigold flowers, banana leaves and terracotta structures make this one so wowwwwww.

wedding mandap decor

Raining in flowers

Picture Courtesy: Lovers Films

Marigold flowers, whether twisted or hung in layers, are always a YES for wedding mandaps! 

indian wedding blog
A floral overdose? YES!

Picture Courtesy: Elements Design

Here’s another dramatic #gendaphool decor idea with flower studded walls, pillars and a lit up “Om” for the background.

#8 In the Lap of Nature!

How about a wedding mandap that blends into the scenic natural beauty without much ado? With this magical mandap, even we’d wanna get married again! 

wedding mandap decor
The magic land of creativity

Picture Courtesy: Finesse Decor Company , VANCOUVER WEDDING FLORIST . Sutej Pannu

Rooftop weddings can be surreal, I mean, just look at that beauty! Take a screenshot and show thou wedding planner right away…

indian wedding blog
Soaking up in sun!

Picture Courtesy: Yanni Design Studio , Jd Eventz 

Or consider this white wonderland in the forest themed wedding mandap decor for an enchanting intimate wedding. The wooden benches and white candles add such a rustic Catholic vibe, don’t they!

wedding mandap decor
A love worth taking ‘to the aisle’

Picture Courtesy: To The Aisle Wedding , Mpire Events

Or how about getting inspired by blogger Sonam Babani’s surreal wedding mandap in the lap of heaven!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed)

#9 Oh-so-vogue White Mandaps!

These pristine white mandaps work as wonderfully for Indian weddings as they do for western weddings, don’t you think!  

indian wedding blog
A dreamy white land!

Picture Courtesy: Jag Photo Studios , Universal Décor , Vancouver Luxury Wedding Planner

Destination wedding? You can never go wrong with a minimal mandap with acrylic pillars and white flowers! Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof guys 🙂

wedding mandap decor
Beauty in unity!

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography , Events By Zeiry

Going for a vineyard or farmhouse wedding? This simple white mandap with artsy details gives off a completely chic vibe! We just love how the lush greens, white upholstery and gold lamps add the finishing touches to this unique mandap decor idea <3

indian wedding blog
Pristine Whites

Picture Courtesy: Neha Varma Piple

#10 Indoor Mandaps that you’ll LOVE!

wedding mandap decor
A dream come true!

Picture Courtesy: Ivy Weddings, Sb Events&Co, Prashe Decor

If there’s indoor mandap decor ideas that we’re crazy about, it’s these stunners with oodles of colourful lively flowers, stunning chandeliers and minimal frames!✨

indian wedding blog
White wedding basics

Picture Courtesy: Duke Images

This simple indoor mandap with rich bright tone flowers and low seating is perfect for a daytime winter wedding! 

wedding mandap decor
Darkest rooms with brightest smiles

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain & Company

Aren’t these the most stunning wedding mandap decor ideas you’ve seen this season? Bookmark your favorite, share with your wedding planner and save yourself some last minute headaches! Do let us know your favourites in the comments section below. 

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