Wedding Cakes that’ll make your Heart go tra-la-la-la!

Wedding cakes

No Indian wedding is complete without some delicious desserts… and then there are these gorgeous MUST HAVE wedding cakes to leave your guests drooling for more!

Floral, fruity or “out-of-this-world” over-sized beauties – you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your wedding cakes and eating ’em too! Here’s our selection of some lip-smacking designs you MUST SEE right now…

#1 Floral Wedding Cakes!

Wedding Cakes
Ombre Beauty!

Picture Courtesy Pizzuti Photography
When everything from your wedding decor to your bridal lehenga is oozing flower power, how can you do without a floral wedding cake!

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy Brisbane Wedding Cakes

Choose from 3D flowers on white and gold to stunning roses on black tiers, the choices are just too pretty, aren’t they!

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy – Angelica Fitzgerald

And this wonderful 7 tiered white wedding cake with red roses, ribbons and sparkling candles is perfect to celebrate your love.

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy – Yulia Kedyarova

But it is this ‘hidden garden’ cake that we have our eyes on.. The flowers and butterflies peeking through its inner layers is simply wow!

#2 Fruity Wedding Cakes!

If yours is a summer wedding, a fruit cake is the perfect idea, isn’t it!

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy – The Lemon Apron

The delicious taste of soft sponge cake mixed with the juiciness of fruits is a match made in tropical heaven!

indian wedding blog

Picture Courtesy – Annamaria Wurster Nagy

And who doesn’t love fruity flavors paired with the sweetness of dripping chocolate!

indian wedding blog

Picture Courtesy – The Cake Boutique

Live n love music? Then this cake beautifully blends your passion for music with your favorite fruits for a yummy treat.

#3 Palace Wedding Cakes

Believe us when we say that the grandness of palace cakes is enough to sweep your guests off their feet..

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy – lenovelle cakes

From European castles to Arabian palaces a la Aladdin, the choices are many and beautiful.

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy – Alexkush

No matter what your style, a palace cake is everything a royal wedding demands!

wedding cakes
The Dreamy Palace!

Picture Courtesy – White Pot Wedding Cakes

#4 Chandelier cakes

If making a statement with your wedding cake is hanging in your thoughts, why not opt for a hanging chandelier cake!

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy – Cake It Kolkata

A cake that’s as stunning as this, with hanging crystals and lights for added effects, is sure to be the pièce de résistance at your wedding!

indian wedding blog

Picture Courtesy – The Cake Design Company

With this super awesome 5 tiered chandelier cake around, who needs a centerpiece!

wedding cakes
The Centerpiece!

Picture Courtesy – Rhys Cake Creations

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#5 Oversized Wedding Cakes

TBH, oversized wedding cakes are not for the faint hearted!

indian wedding blog

Picture Courtesy: Le43 Catering

How gorgeous is the idea of making an entry from within your wedding cake! This giant cake has a special levered platform inside to elevate you into the party scene.

wedding cakes

Picture Courtesy: Crème Dela Cakes

An oversized Eiffel Tower wedding cake is everything a couple in love can dream of! Whether it’s Eiffel or our very own Taj Mahal, choose your own symbol of love and see your guests going gaga.

#6 Quirky Wedding Cakes

wedding cakes
My Wedding Dress!

Picture Courtesy- Reema Siraj

Is it a wedding dress? Is it a cake? Leave your guests wondering with this gorgeous life-sized beauty!

indian wedding blog
The Balancing Art!

Picture Courtesy – Sanatan Uzagare

Wondering how this cake can balance on wine glasses? Leave that to your bakers. Get this quirky yet magically balancing cake on your wedding and get ready raise a toast to it!

indian wedding blog

Picture Courtesy – Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Talking of balancing, this crazy topsy turvy cake shows what married life can be like! Full of surprises, hidden treasures and lots of sweet delights we’d say <3


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So howwwzaaat? We’re in love with this collection of yummmmylicious wedding cakes that look too good to be cut! But be a sweet darling and show your favorite to your bae before you go ahead and order it for your wedding.

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