How, What, Where of Weddings in 2021 – Wedding Planner The Dream Katchers Reveals!

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What shape are Indian weddings going to take in 2021? Will it remain intimate, become grander or move to safe destinations? Wedding planner The Dream Katchers weighs in!

As a child, Nancy Dokania would find excuses to celebrate and she’d jump at the thought of doing the decorations (no – not for the food like most of us!). This passion led her to start organizing small family events and finally led to Wedding Planners The Dream Katchers taking shape in 2017 (along with some of her friends). Here she reveals what she believes is on the cards for weddings in the upcoming year – So read on…

Where do you get your design inspirations from?

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Picture Courtesy: Framed by Ronak Gadhia

I’ve always had a knack for adding my own creative touch to celebrations.We live in a country full of beautiful architecture, talented karigars, and artisans. I think seeing them make beautiful things out of common tangible objects, that are locally available – inspires me the most. 

How do you think covid will impact the wedding industry in the next wedding season?

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All Smiles!

I think people will cut back on the number of guests a bit but not really on celebrations. Intimate weddings shall be the thing that stay but they are still going to be full of impact.

How do you think people will cope with the impact of covid and social distancing with respect to weddings?

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Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

When it comes to celebrations, it becomes difficult to monitor guests. However, minimum hygiene can be maintained such as wearing masks, getting sanitized, doing temperature checks on entry and having a big space so there is no overcrowding.

Social Distance Weddings
Social Distance Dancing!

How do intimate weddings and functions differ from large scale ones? Have you planned intimate affairs?

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Intimate weddings are beautiful. Just putting more hydrangeas doesn’t make an arrangement look good! In fact, even a rightly designed marigold arrangement can be a showstopper.

intimate wedding
Dance on

In essence, quantity doesn’t define your celebration, quality does. Intimate weddings can be designed perfectly at the comfort of your home too and we’ve executed many memorable ones.

Looking for Outfit Ideas for your Intimate Wedding? Check out the Bandhani Trend in its Modern Avatar!

Bandhani Sarees – An all time Classic – Now trending for its modern avatar!

Which decor elements or wedding themes are expected to be in trend next wedding season?

indian wedding planner

Nowadays, people are really going local. Specially, young designers like us, have really started believing that with the right vision and creativity even a cane basket with flowers looks absolutely stunning!

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Also, neutral tones shall be the trend as our brides are switching from red lehengas to ivories and pastels. Pampass grass and yellow cockscomb are trending as decor elements.


As a planner, what are the most important aspects you plan to focus on during post covid weddings?

Sun & Shade

We really focus on our production team members. Because these guys are most exposed, so we make sure they are in proper PPE kits and equipped well, trained well and don’t come in no close contact with client or hotel team.

We’ve Arrived!

In fact, we maintain that distance too because we work with them closely. Pre-event sanitization of venue, temperature checks, sanitizer machines are mandatory.

How will the destination wedding trend be affected by covid in the near future?

Together Forever

Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Destination weddings would still happen but people are exploring more on what’s closer to them. People are definitely preferring our own country for now.

What precautions should a person take while choosing their wedding venues in the post pandemic situation?

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Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

The most important precaution is to make sure the other half of the banquet isn’t sold to other client on same day. Because there is no control on social distancing or minimum number of guests.

Band Bajaa

Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Also, book a bigger space – then it will be ideal for everyone to be comfortable at your event.

What are the things the brides and grooms should keep in mind when selecting a wedding planner?


Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

I believe in good vibes a lot! For us, planning any wedding or taking on a client is not always just business but almost like matchmaking!


Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

It’s a serious responsibility, as I believe we are chosen to manage a very important event for you as a client. So being patient, having a happy attitude and being a good listener are my cues.

Wedding planner Nancy Dokania
Nancy on Site

Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Your top five covid safety tips for a couple getting married in a few months?

Just Hitched

Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Wear your masks at all times, whenever possible.

Keep a sanitizer handy with you.


Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Make sure the location and clothes and everything that you enter or use are thoroughly sanitized.

Send invitations to a minimum number of people.

Ensure that the guests are well-spaced and sanitized when they enter. Take temperature checks.

Have you ever faced any funny last-minute crisis as wedding planners? How did you overcome that?


One of my clients had left her varmala in one of the rooms and forgotten! On time I had to rush to a nearby floral shop, get it made in 15 minutes and come back as the baarat had already entered the venue. The funniest part is that my bride accompanied me too!

Due to shift in wedding dates, venues, overall plans – How should couples you tackle a Clash of dates for any of their vendors?


Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Having a discussion prior to the main day in detail will ensure a good flow. In any case, you should always have backup and alternate plans in case anything goes wrong.

All Set

Picture Courtesy: Malvika Periwal Photography

Basically, being prepared for all possibilities is the way out.

How to make a post covid wedding fun in spite of all these restrictions?

& Bulls Eye!

Picture Courtesy: Framed by Ronak Gadhia

The restrictions are not be meddled with, but can be made more interesting with fun, indoor games that allow safe social distancing.

Wedding Entertainment
Games on!

Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Well planned performances, singing, dancing and more can add to the entertainment bit.

Isn’t that great insight into the future of weddings by Nancy of The Dream Katchers? If you’re planning to get hitched soon, note her words and get planning right away…

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