Wedding Invitation Ideas with EDC!

wedding invitations

Bored of the same old wedding invitation designs? EDC brings you the latest trends in luxury invites! 

So you’re looking at Wedding Invitation designs? Who better than Entertainment Design Company (EDC) to showcase what’s trending this wedding season!

wedding invitations
Super Luxe Cavalli Caffe Theme!

Founded by Kapil and Sandy Khurana, Entertainment Design Company believes in the philosophy of crafting exquisite works of personalized invites with impeccable aesthetics and superior execution.

From a time when the concept of couture invitations was a distant thought in India to today, every piece of EDC carries a seal of innovation in design, sophistication, craftsmanship and the finest materials!

Changes in Wedding Invitations…

Wedding invites
Asin & Rahul party invitation by EDC

20 years on, EDC continues to redefine personalized invitations and stationery and is a favourite for celebrity and Royal weddings!

Wedding Invitation
Boxed Charm!

“Materials like 24 karat gold plating, glass boxes, lacquered handcrafted wooden boxes, metal boxes, and fabrics are the ruling trends in wedding invitations” says Poonam Khandelwal of EDC.

Wedding Invitation
Royally Laser cut for The King of Bhutan!

They are favourite name when it comes to personalized invitations for celebrity and Royal weddings – with clientele ranging from Lara Dutta & Mahesh Bhupathi to Harbhajan Singh to Asin & Rahul Sharma to the King of Bhutan!

Online Wedding Invitation Designs?

wedding invitations
London Theme Birthday Invitation by EDC!

As we’re all looking for newer designs and ideas online, Sandy & Kapil Khurana established CARDA – an innovative online portal, two years ago. This serves all your personalized invitations and stationary needs, online.

Wedding invites
Understated pastel beauty for Lara Dutta & Mahesh Bhupathi!

Their vast collection continues to impress by providing quality products with unmatched speed in an affordable package. Every CARDA product bears the legacy of its design associate, The Entertainment Design Co.’s, expertise in finesse, novelty and craftsmanship.

But, how to decide the theme for a Wedding Invitation?

Your theme can revolve around the wedding venue! Say, it’s a destination wedding happening at Maldives, then the theme can be beaches and aquatic life.

Wedding Invitation
Bollywood Theme for Harbhajan & Geeta!

Or you may choose from other popular themes such as Bollywood, Great Gatsby, carnival theme, royal theme etc. based on your tastes.

Can your Personal Style reflect in your Wedding Invite?

 Wedding Invitation
Royal Elegance!

Yes! The theme, color scheme should all be selected on the basis of your personal tastes, preferences and personality – so it must reflect your style!

Wedding Invitation
Carnival Theme!

After Laser Cut Invites, What’s the latest Invitation trend this season?

wedding invitation
Boxed & Gifted!

Poonam says, “While we focus more on what every client requires, some trends to watch out for are glass invites, box invites, digital prints.”

wedding invitation
Yummy Delights!

And, we’re loving their latest gifting platter ideas! From yummy macaroons to fine gourmet chocolate and truffles to vintage perfumes 😍

EDC is full of glamorous ideas to get your Wedding Invitation right! What’s your favourite theme – Royal, classy, chic or kitschy? Let us know in comments below!

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