Wedding Invitation Designs that you’ll fall in LOVE with!

Wedding Invite Designs

Not being able to finalize your wedding invite?? We bring you our favourite Wedding Invitation designs that’ll solve your dilemma right now!

When it comes to Wedding Invitation designs, the huge variety from royal themes to sophisticated pastels to quirky e-cards are all vying for your attention… So we’ve handpicked our favourites for you to check,share, save and buy!

Wedding Invitation Designs #1 – Laser Cut Beauties!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Shimmery Beauty

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Company

These shimmery laser cut wedding invites channel the glitz and glamour that is to follow at your wedding – so give your guests a glimpse of what to expect with these gorgeous invitation cards!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Pretty in Pink

Picture Courtesy: Jinkys Crafts

But if you’re all about pretty sophistication – think flowy drapes, pretty pink decor and pastel outfits – how can your wedding invite be far behind? This delicate powder pink and gold laser cut wedding invitation, with satin ribbons and a crystal brooch are just what you need!

2. Blessings of the Divine!

Wedding Invite Designs

Picture Courtesy: The Paper Thingie

Somehow, weddings bring out the inner soul searcher within us… and who defines love better than our Gods and Goddesses? A beautiful ‘Shiv-Parvati’ or ‘Radha-Krishna’ wedding invitation that symbolizes love and togetherness for more than a lifetime maybe just what you really want.

Wedding Invite Designs
Divine Love

Picture Courtesy: The Paper Thingie

When going spiritual with your wedding invitation designs, we love the idea of keeping it rustic with hand drawn sketches and hand-painted motifs that make it vibrant without looking OTT.

3. Floral Magic!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Love for Lotus

Picture Courtesy: White Mirage Invites

And of course, nothing says it better than flowers! So this red and gold laser cut invite with lotus motifs is simple yet appealing…

Wedding Invite Designs
Beauty in White

Picture Courtesy: Crafting All day Creations

Or go overboard with 3D flowers and a Cinderella carriage to doll up your fairytale themed wedding invitation!

4. Go Royal

Wedding Invitation Designs

Picture Courtesy: White Mirage Invites

Who doesn’t dream of a royal wedding? If you’re planning a grand palace wedding or a royal themed cocktail event – this Mughal inspired box wedding invitation, showing the baraat of a king is just right!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Like Royalties

Picture Courtesy: Deepak Cards

A royal ‘farmaan’ style wedding invitation card with shehnai music playing as you open the box – is a perfect way to invite your guests to a royal Indian wedding!

5. Go Kitschy – Quirky!

Wedding Invitation Designs

Picture Courtesy: White Mirage Invites

A quirky wedding invitation with personalized caricatures of the bride and groom is quite a fun way to get people to look up and take note!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Kidnapped for Life

Picture Courtesy: Meeracles

And this doodled ‘Save the Date’ is sure to bring a smile to everyone who receives it!

6. Theme it up!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Mix N Match

Picture Courtesy: Pink Whistle Man

Love collecting stamps? Then this wedding invite with colorful stamps depicting your all-time-favorite-things is your to-go idea :p

Wedding Invite Designs
Round & Round

Picture Courtesy: Pink Whistle Man

You are a couple who loves crime thrillers and mysteries? Then you’re sure to fall for this mug-shot style wedding invite!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Camera & Action

Picture Courtesy: Pursue Pretty

Love old style ‘film-roll’ photography and camera reels? Check out this wedding invite that opens up in the form of a small roll… & Say cheeeeeeese!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Cute Caricatures

Picture Courtesy: Inksedge

A passport and air-ticket style wedding invitation to “on board” your guests is such a cute idea – isn’t it!

Wedding Invite Designs
Board On

Picture Courtesy: Create A Flutter

Whatever your theme, you can make it cute or stylish. Just take your pick and hop on board :p

7. Personalized Fun!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Made for each other

Picture Courtesy: Customizing Creativity

When it comes to personalizing your wedding invitation design, there’s no end to it… From a “Save the Date” picture calendar to a board game charting your love story – its open to your imagination!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Snakes & Ladders

Picture Courtesy: Culture Curry

And talking about games, how innovative is this jigsaw puzzle styled custom made wedding invite to get your guests involved in your wedding even before they’re actually there!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Solve the Puzzle

Picture Courtesy: Blue Birds Eventsza

8. Rustic Charm

Wedding Invitation Designs

Picture Courtesy: Diksha Mehta Invites

There’s nothing more serene than going back to nature with these beautiful rustic wedding invitation designs. From these pastel scrolls made of marigold seed paper…

Wedding Invitation Designs
Wood & Wooden

Picture Courtesy: Turmeric Ink

To these wooden cards with golden bells and ribbons – we louuve their earthy touch and happy vibes!

9. Boxed Invitation Cards

Wedding Invitation Designs
Open the Invite

Picture Courtesy: The Paper Thingie

When you want to share happiness with your guests in the form of li’l mementos that they’ll treasure, a boxed wedding invitation card is the perfect idea! While miniature perfume bottles go perfectly with a Mughal themed jaaliwork box in wood…

Wedding Invitation Designs
Pastel Hues

Picture Courtesy: House of Design

Small tins of dry fruits look charming in this pastel floral laser cut box invite too!

10. Vintage English

Wedding Invitation Designs
Vintage Love

Picture Courtesy: Sketch Design Studio

If you’re someone whose design sensibilities are Vintage English or sophisticated European charm – these romantic wedding invitation designs use the perfect hues, materials and accessories to make your wedding card speak your language!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Rustic Elegance

Picture Courtesy: Perfect Invites

Looking for more Wedding Invitation Designs? Check this Out!

Get your Wedding Invitation right with Expressing Ideas!

11. Filmy Fundazzz!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Dil Dhadak Ne Do

Picture Courtesy: Puneet Gupta Invitations

When it comes to us Indians, there’s no such thing as too much Bollywood, is there? These Dil Dhadakne Do and 2 States themed wedding invites are just to showcase that there’s no stopping you if you wanna theme up your wedding card to your favourite movie!

Wedding Invitation Designs
Two States

Picture Courtesy: Kards

12. E-invites!

Wedding Invite Designs
Going Digital

Picture Courtesy: Puneet Gupta Invitations

Well, if you’re game for the latest trend of going green and want to opt for an e-invite for your wedding, there are tons of ideas to choose from. We’re loving this chalkboard style i-pad invite…

Wedding Invite Designs
Couple Love

Picture Courtesy: The Murphy Studio

As much as we love a personalized e-invite with your picture on it!

What matters at the end of the day is what’s your style. As long as you know what you like – there are dozens of great creative designers out there ready to experiment and willing to put shape to your dream! Seen something here that you loved? Share it with bae and family NOW👍

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