Wedding Day Couple Poses that You MUST SEE Right Now!

Wedding Poses

What makes your wedding album special and memorable? The perfect Couple Poses expressing love, romance, your chemistry and a lot more… check these out!

We bring you a collection of the best possible Couple Poses that’ll make you wanna get married right away! 😉

Couple Poses – #1 The Romantic Portraits

Couple Poses
All Yous Forever

Picture Courtesy: I Alam Photo

Frame these romantic evergreen poses to make sure you bring alive all the love and chemistry every time you see them!

Couple poses
The Kiss of Love

Picture Courtesy: Irfan Ahson

They say the rush of love gradually fades away… we say ‘not possible’ when you have such artful portraits hung up on your bedroom wall!

Indian wedding blog
Floored in Love

Picture Courtesy: Nida Rehman Photography

#2 The Leap of Faith! 

Couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

If you don’t mind going a tad filmy, why not go all out and carry her in your arms because they legit make for the cutest pictures!

Couple poses
Happy Hearts in Love

Picture Courtesy: Kartik Bhagat

And the sheer fun of creating such a cute portrait is infectious.. don’t you think!

#3 The ‘FIGHTER’ Couple Poses

Indian Wedding Blog
Tug of LOVE

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

Yes you’re a HAPPY couple and YES you can still fight for fun and for pun! whether its a tug of “love” with your besties or a round of kick-boxing, it sure makes for a hell of a capture! Wedding poses

The Karate Couple

Picture Courtesy: Cool Bluez Photography

But beware, you don’t want to mess with her for real. Because we all know who wins at the end 😉

Couple Poses
Guess the winner

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

Looking for some HATKE Prewedding Poses? Check these out RIGHT NOW!

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#4 You May Now KISS the Bride!

Indian wedding blog
Lovey Dovey

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Yes yes, you may! Even though our pandits don’t really announce it yet :p 

Couple poses
Love Glitters

Picture Courtesy: Ivy Weddings

You’ve waited for so long to tie the knot and now it’s your day… So why not indulge in some guiltless PDA and capture your first kiss forever!

Couple Poses
The Kissing Prince

Picture Courtesy: Shutter Shades

#5 The ROYAL Portrait!

Wedding Poses
Your Majesty!

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

One thing that never goes out of style, is a classic royal couple portrait with a stately backdrop, with you two striking the most poised expressions in your wedding finery.

couple pose
Killi’n It

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked

So get your killer expressions on, find some artsy chandeliers and get ready to pose – your regal picture is frame ready!

# 6 The SWAG wala Couple shot!

Indian wedding blog
The Poised Couple

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked

When it comes to throwing around some sass, we girls are pro – don’t you think! 

couple poses
Saiyan Sang Dab Karungi

Picture Courtesy – Atul Rawal Photography

According to this swagger couple ‘A Dab A Day Keeps The Boriyat Away’.. So why not get started right before you say I Doooo!

#6 The ‘Just Married’ Couple Poses!

Indian wedding blog
Twinning and Glowing in LOVE

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

That ‘Just Married’ afterglow is something difficult to recreate! So make sure your wedding photographer captures your cant-stop-smiling chemistry in all its glory 🙂

Couple poses
You, Me and Our World

Picture Courtesy: Time Shutterz

Watch how a little bit of play of light and the camera capturing you two while you gaze into each other’s eyes creates magic on the frame! 

From the CUTEST Poses & Sizzling Chemistry to Hatke Accessories – this Couple sure knew how to ROCK their wedding!

Indian Wedding Ideas from Isha Multani and Ronak Daftary’s gorgeous Wedding!

#7 Cutesy Candid Moments

Indian wedding blog
Your Love Makes Me Crazy

Picture Courtesy: Mohit Jaura Photography

Its not always required to be ‘prim and propah’ for your wedding captures sweetie! Its those fun, unplanned moments spent laughing and enjoying together that make your album much more memorable!

Couple poses
Guess Who!

Picture Courtesy: The Con Artists 

Our advice is, set your inner child free.. a game of ‘Peek-A-Boo’ or ‘Kiss-her-when-she’s-not-watching’ can bring out the liveliest pics!

Indian wedding blog
Eat You Up!

Picture Courtesy: Gaatha by Priyanshu Bhargava

#8 Get-Set-Go!

Couple poses
The Journey Of Love

Picture Courtesy: Rahul De Cunha Pictures

The big fat wedding celebrations might be over, but the party isn’t, because it’s time to go Honeymoon-ing! Get set in your favourite car and drive away with your bae beside you <3

Couple Poses
Save Your Soul

Picture Courtesy: Lumiere Wedding Company

Add a dash of quirky humor in your picture by bringing in some desi vroooooom power!

#9 Twirling in Love!

Couple poses
Let’s Twirl it!

Picture Courtesy: Infinite Memories

There’s no feeling like when you’re all dressed up for your big day in your most stunning outfit and twirling around! 

Couple Poses
Take Me in Your Arms

Picture Courtesy: Shades Photography

Those dreamy eyes, the smiling faces and that soulful bond… That’s everything you need to make this couple portrait epic.

#10 The Wifey Rules!

Couple Poses
My Favorite Food

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Bells Photography

Bitten and smitten in LOVE? This crazy shot on your wedding day can give you all the thrills you need!

Couple Poses
Never Letting You Go!

Picture Courtesy: Lumiere Wedding Company

If you think you can run now and save your life, think again! Nothing like a bit of tongue in cheek humour to make your wedding album kick-ass 😉

#11 With your Band Bajaa Baraat!

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Sometimes, three or even four isn’t a crowd! And when these munchkins add such cutesy charm to your couple portrait, they’re worth dressing up to the t’s 🙂

indian wedding blog
Bromance It Is!

Picture Courtesy – Safarnama Films

Guess who gets the groom 😉 But ofcourse your bromance requires a special mention in your wedding album!

indian wedding blog
Some Pooh Love

Picture Courtesy – Amrit Photography

And we louvvee how this little cuddly pooch can make a simple frame hundred times cuter!

couple pose
Hip Hip Hooray

Picture Courtesy: Lumiere Wedding Company

You can’t do without your gang, can you! So why not preserve some crazy moments with them on your special days 🙂

Its not just the joy of seeing these pics later, but the actual thrill of sneaking out with bae in between all the wedding madness, that makes these couple poses worth the effort! Which is your favourite? Let us know in comments below!

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