Valentines Day Special – Romantic Couple Poses you JUST CAN’T MISS!

Romantic couple poses

Planning to click some great couple pics this Valentines but BORED of the same old “Say Cheeeeese”? Here’s some romantic couple poses for all you love birds looking for something hatke!

Say NO to the same old hugging, pouting or smiley-smiley date pics! We bring you the latest trending romantic couple poses to choose from this Valentine’s Day.. Save & Share with bae NOW, Thank us later 😉

Romantic Couple Poses #1 -Kiss on like Nobody’s Watching!

Valentines day couple poses
Seal it with a Kiss

Picture Courtesy: Epic Stories

Like seriously, its Valentines Day, so who cares what the world thinks about PDA! We say bring on some reds flowers and match your outfit to create the perfect backdrop to your passionate kiss shot.

Romantic couple poses
So Cute

Picture Courtesy: Busy Bee Studio

Of course, you need to create the right setting and ambiance to avoid your kissing pose looking tacky! We love how this warm n cosy wooden cabin lit up with lights and a naughty couple creates a beautiful picture <3

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Lost in Each Other

Picture Courtesy: Pooram Weddings

And who hasn’t seen those old age Bollywood flicks where they prop up two flowers to show a couple kissing! Its time to part those flowers and bushes we say :p

Sail on…

Romantic couple poses
Together Forever

Picture Courtesy: Palette Media

You, him, that boat, sailing far to the rhythm of the gushing waters – sounds dreamy right? We feel the same too!

P.S. Note how the boat & even her saree features lotuses to match with the lotus pond background.

valentines day couple poses
Meet me!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Nothing beats a drone shot of you two sailing away in a serene world of your own, does it!

Gorgeous Destinations for a Gorgeous Couple!

indian wedding blog
Like a Fairytale

Picture Courtesy: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Ready to go that extra mile for the one you love the most? Plan a last minute getaway to the hills to recreate this uber romantic valentines day pose amidst the enchanting mountains and flowing rivers.

P.S. Don’t forget to ask her to pack that flowy gown!

Valentines day couple poses
Heavenly Indeed

Picture Courtesy: Cinematic Films

Whether you’re headed for the mountains or canyons for your prewedding shoot, its important to pre-plan these shots with your wedding photographer and carry the right outfits to create pictures as magical as this one!

indian wedding blog
Feeling Top of the World

Picture Courtesy: Bekirsozak Photographr, In Picture: Antonio Pozo

Turkey or Greece, no matter where you’re headed, we suggest do your research for these “top of the world” style pictures that you can add to your prewedding album.

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Foodie Couple

Romantic couple poses
Cooking Up Love

Picture Courtesy: Brijesh Patel Fotographi

If you both love “FOOD” and cooking more than anything else, this is just the perfect setting for you! Get cooking in the kitchen and get your candid photographer to capture your moments together forever 🙂

Romantic couple poses
Sharing is Love

Picture Courtesy: Blackpaper Wedding Photography

Cos nothing like bonding over your favourite maggi at a picnic and getting it clicked!

Romantic couple poses
Cos Food FIRST!

Picture Courtesy: Olivia Proenca Fotografias

Going to your regular fast food joint this valentines day? So who said cheeeeeesy couple shots are not on our mind! We adore how this age old pose never fails to get that awwwwwwww feeling even years down the line <3

Pose with your Pets this Valentines Day!

Romantic couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Tuesday Lights

You can’t imagine a moment without your fur ball, so why keep ’em out of your romantic couple album?

indian wedding blog
The Cutest Frame Ever

Picture Courtesy: Tuesday Lights

This Valentines Day, share the love and include them in your frame to get the most pawwwwsome clicks ever!

indian wedding blog
With the Furry Friends

Picture Courtesy: Plush Affairs

Turn up the HEAT in the Lap of Nature!

indian wedding blog
Finding Love

Picture Courtesy: Impressions by Mohit

Sometimes, all you need to do is to find that perfect spot to get some stunning shots with your sweetheart! 

P.S. We love this guy for turning up in the same yellow as the sunflowers for a stunning capture.

indian wedding blog
Love Everywhere

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

A calm and serene “in the middle of the nowhere” photoshoot or an oh-so-romantic waterfall gushing in the backdrop is all you need to create those Bollywood vibes in your couple pics!

indian wedding blog
Romantic Feels

Picture Courtesy: Catz Eye Weddings

Cos We’re Crazy Together!

indian wedding blog
You, Netflix and Chill

Picture Courtesy: Movie’ing Moments

In these “let’s chill indoor” covid times, what’s better than capturing some “we” time at home over cups of hot coffee and some Netflix!

indian wedding blog
Being Childish

Picture Courtesy: Catz Eye Weddings

Cos what’s life without a sense of humour! And when you’ve got a partner who is as crazy as you, it definitely calls for some fun and carefree poses out in the open.

Romantic couple poses
Happy Place

Picture Courtesy: Studio Photo Palace

Get cute, get crazy, get weird and get it captured for some good laughs later.

Romantic couple poses
For those “Money Heist” Fans out there!

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

Share a common love? Put it out there in your Valentines day couple poses for some fun memories forever!

Romantic couple poses
Crazy for You

Picture Courtesy: Lumière Wedding Company

Romantic Couple Poses that are Eternal!

Valentines day couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Priya Lall’s Photography

If you can manage a trip to our famous symbol of Love, Taj Mahal on Valentines Day, there’s absolutely nothing like it!

indian wedding blog
Sheer Chemistry

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

But even if you can’t, then get inspired by this cutesy couple pose and get clicking with your town’s own love monument! 

indian wedding blog
Topsy Turvy LOVE

Picture Courtesy: Explorerssaurus

Of course, iconic monuments can create iconic memories and some fun shots too.

Romantic couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Visualisation, In Picture: Mrunal Panchal, Anirudhh Sharma

Talking of timeless love and Valentine’s Day, how about posing with your lady love in front of the enchanting Eiffel Tower!

Proposal Ideas? Check out this stunning Eiffel Tower Proposal!

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Beach Madness!

Romantic couple poses
Eyes on You

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

Just head to your local beach and get your photographer to click you two enjoying the waters!

indian wedding blog
Playful Vibes

Picture Courtesy: Ivorytusk Events

Or plan something hatke like enjoying “bubbly in a bubbly tub” at the beach like this quirky couple here!

Romantic couple poses
Just Being “US”

Picture Courtesy: Deepak Vijay Photography

No matter what you choose, as long as there’s sun, sand, blue water and you’re both having fun – it can never go wrong!

Romantic couple poses
Love So Pure

Picture Courtesy: Purple Bokeh Weddings

LOVE Shining Bright!

Romantic couple poses
Glow of Love

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Photography

10 years ago, who knew fairy lights could look so romantic? But now you do! So if nothing else inspires you, grab a string of lights and pose aesthetically to get the warmest coziest most romantic couple poses ever.

indian wedding blog
Shining Away

Picture Courtesy: Tanushree Vaidya

After all, its time to shine on and laugh out loud like there’s no tomorrow!

Romantic couple poses
Sparks do Fly

Picture Courtesy: Delhi Velvet

Did sparks flew off when you kissed him for the first time? How about reliving that special moment this Valentine’s Day!

Aren’t these the most beautiful Valentines Day couple poses ever <3 So what are you waiting for? Share them with your bae RIGHT NOW! And do let us know in the comments below which ones you actually got clicked 🙂

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