Wedding Favours & Thoughtful Gifting Ideas to DELIGHT your Guests!

A wedding isn’t a wedding unless your guests remember how ‘special’ you made them feel! And what better way to do this than with the most thoughtful wedding favours and gifts 🙂

So if you’re getting hitched and want some sweeeet, cool, quirky or neat wedding favours or gifting ideas – hit these up!

#1 Wedding Favours – Cookie Love

They say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.. Why not use this formula to reach your guest’s hearts too!

Weddings Favours
The Mehendi Art

Picture Courtesy – Mango Mendhi

Custom made cookies in different styles, designs and flavors can be the perfect sweet delight.

Gifts and Favours
Frosted Yumiieess

Picture Courtesy – Crumbs to Creation

From mehendi art paisley cookies to ivory frosted hearts and wedding hashtag German cookies – the choice is endlessly yummy!

Wedding Favours
Crunchy Cookies

Picture Courtesy – Panodrama Events

Make sure they’re made with long-lasting ingredients and don’t squish easily. So after the wedding, your guests can take’em home and share the love too!

#2 Love of Charms

Jewelry and us – find a better match if you can! 

Bridesmaid Gifts
Doll Me Up

Picture Courtesy – Shaadi Squad

Surprise your team bride with some cutesy li’l charms, bracelets or anklets that they’ll remember you forever.

bridesmaid gifts
Pretty Us

Picture Courtesy – Altair decor

From colorful beaded jewelry that ooze Boho charm to the sassiest tasseled bracelets – pick something that works with your girls and lets them go gaga! Set up a rack and let ’em choose their favourite colors.

Fun Tip – The bands and beads can be personalized with engravings!

#3 Accessories for Your Gang of Guys!

Why leave the men out when it comes to wedding gifts! 

groomsmen gifts
Suit Me Up

Picture Courtesy – Vivaha Wedding Solutions

Not just boring stationery, you can gift them interesting accessories to pump up their style quotient. Think smart and classy pocket squares in trending colors.

groomsmen gifts
Print Pockets

Picture Courtesy – Shaadi Squad

Or how about a bunch of quirky personalized cuff-links for your superhero squad!

Gifts and Favours
We Are The Superheroes

Picture Courtesy – Shaadi Squad

Prefer something more classy and timeless? Go for these customized metallic ones instead.

Wedding Favours
I Heart You

Picture Courtesy – Laura Vernon

#4 Jooti Craze 

I have enough shoes, said no girl ever. Why not show some jooti love and get a pair of these beauties for your tribe at your wedding!

Gifts and Favours
Aqua Love

Picture Courtesy – Pastels and Pop

When it comes to gifting, mojri style flats are the preferred choice – they’re chic, festive and everyone wears flats! 

bridesmaid gifts
Gold Dust

Picture Courtesy – Jutti Choo

From pastel to bling, printed to sequinned, pick your favorites from the huge variety of styles and patterns in the market and rest assured that your girls are gonna love you and thank you forever for these!

#5 Customized Perfumes

Another all time favorite gift idea is perfumes.

Gifts and Favours
The Sweet Aroma

Picture Courtesy – The Perfume Bar

But when it comes to your wedding, why not take it a notch higher by gifting customized perfumes – made to order in your choice of bottles and fragrance!

wedding favours
The Juicy Fragrance

Picture Courtesy – The Perfume Bar

You can gift a couple set meant for men and women. Or opt for a set of 5 to 6 choicest fragrances in pretty colorful glass bottles that smell as good as they’ll look on their dresser!

Gifts and Favours
Mini Treasures

Picture Courtesy – Bombay Perfumery

#6 Fragrant Candles 

Fragrant candles are just the kind of thing people don’t usually buy for themselves… but love getting as gifts! 

wedding favours
Light Me Up!

Picture Courtesy – Vivaha Wedding Solutions

Pretty and enchanting, they’ll light up your guests’ house and hearts alike with a breath of fresh aroma. You could gift these beautiful mono color candles with your wedding logo embossed in gold..

Gifts and Favours
The Guiding Light

Picture Courtesy – The Color Plate

Or you could go with these quirky glass bottle candle holders that can light up any evening do!

wedding favours
The Mirror Glaze

Picture Courtesy – The Color Plate

If you prefer earthy chic, these mirror work candle pots are all you need to get your guests going wow!

#7 Tag Your Love

Gifts and Favours
Tag Me Around

Picture Courtesy – Currys Leather

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or an in-town one, you can expect wedding guests to arrive with overflowing luggage. And who wants a mix-up of similar looking bags to lead to unwanted last minute goof-ups?!

wedding favours
The Luggage Tag

Picture Courtesy – F5 Weddings

Personalized luggage tags that last till your wedding (simple paper ones) can have funny quotes on them to bring a smile. Or gift evergreen leather tags that are great keepsakes which your guest will never forget.

Gifts and Favours
The Cutesy Passports

Picture Courtesy – F5 Weddings

Smart colorful passport covers are another great wedding favor to wow your international guests 🙂

#8 Celebration Drinks 

wedding favours
Smile Please

Picture Courtesy – Ashley lindzon

What can be a better way to celebrate, than to pop a bubbly or two! Your wedding favors box can be a fun combo of finely packaged mini champagnes, and exciting additions like a smart polaroid camera – cue for your guests to raise a toast and capture those precious moments 🙂

Gifts and Favours
Cheers To the Love

Picture Courtesy –Nottingham Paper Goods

If yours is a beach wedding, and you don’t want your guests to burn out in the sun, give them some refreshing drinks to quench their thirst and let them go ‘Sip Sip Hooray’!

#9 Flavours & Foods as Wedding Favours!

bridesmaid gifts
O-live You

Picture Courtesy – Lia Griffith

While the age old tradition of sending “Shaadi ke laddoo”, dry fruits and chocolates to your guests isn’t going away anywhere, it’s time to curate something special and customized for your mains!

If your girls have discovered cooking during the lockdown, these divine looking infused Olive Oil bottles are all you need to gift them to show some love!

wedding favours
Nutty Craze

Picture Courtesy – Umm Simplicity

And if they are crazy Nutella lovers, get them these unique and cutesy custom made Nutella jars with their names on it and shower all your nutty love.

#10 Potlis & Clutches

bridesmaid gifts
The Golden Stars

Picture Courtesy – House Of Vian

Who can say no to more purses and bags! Your besties are always on the lookout for something different, so why not make their hearts flutter and gift them their favorites clutch bags.

wedding favours
Sea Shells on the Sea Shore

Picture Courtesy – Sequissential

You can go for Indian look potli bags with intricate embroidery or if it’s a beach wedding, why not go for something more coral with sea shell detailing.

LOVE Accessories? Here are some great Bridal Accessories you MUST Check Out & Add to your Trousseau!

Bridal Accessories that every Girl MUST Add to her Trousseau!

Mix and match the colours to make sure your girls have a good choice to pick from and leave a sweet short personal note inside!

Gifts and Favours
All About The Bling

Picture Courtesy – Jimmy Choo

Got the budget to make your bridesmaids feel extra special and important? Gift them something more high-end like a shimmery Jimmy Choo. They’ll love you as much as they love it!

#11 Ain’t no Wedding Favours like Doll Up Kits

indian wedding blogs
Rose-y All The Way

Picture Courtesy – Alanna Naturally Beautiful

Who doesn’t want some TLC! It’s time to pamper back your bridesmaids with some exclusive beauty essentials, handmade soaps and skincare goodies.

Gifts and Favours
Skincare On The Way

Picture Courtesy – Umm Simplicity

Gift your bffs a doze of wellness with beauty hampers. Treasures like chocolate bars, creams and loofahs thrown in with a mix of skin delights, sweets and fragrant candles. Wait and see how they go gaga all over it!

Wedding Favours – #11 Welcome Kits

Delighting your guests with a welcome hamper in their room can be a fun way to kickstart their wedding memories.

wedding favours
To The Rescue

Picture Courtesy – Mariela Care

Fill the bag with essential knick knacks like mints, adhesive tapes, safety pins, hangover pills, light munchies and a cute welcome note! 

wedding favours
Herbal Care

Picture Courtesy – Bling Bazaar

Or pour some organic love and welcome them with a box packed with all the goodness of nature and wellness ingredients. Think turmeric, chyawan-prash, dry fruits etc to boost their immunity and keeping them safe in these tough times.

#12 Trinket Boxes & Pouches

Your precious jewelry needs a special box to keep it safe and handy.

wedding favours
Rainbow Hued

Picture Courtesy – K’create by Roshni

So why not gift your besties some cool wooden trinket boxes with boho vibes that are both chic and easy to carry around.

indian wedding blogs
The Cubic Pouch

Picture Courtesy – Dupla Ideia Design

Choose these geometrical printed jewelry pouches or the super cute polka dotted trinket trunks. They’ve got such a cutesy vibe to them that we can’t stop falling in love!

wedding favours
Polkas & Stripes

Picture Courtesy – Woodpecker

#13 Winter LOVE!

Winter weddings out in the open can get to your guests unless they’re extra careful.

Winter Gifts
Snuggle Closer

Picture Courtesy – 501 Union

Its a perfect excuse to gift them something that they can use if they are cold and keep them as favors forever! Get them blankets and scarfs to snuggle together and enjoy your wedding nice and cosy.

wedding favours
Winter Vibes

Picture Courtesy – Shawl Craft

You can customize these with your wedding theme so they not just keep them warm but serve as a stylish memento forever. 

winter gifts
Cozy Up

Picture Courtesy – Abel PH

Gift wrapping these in the cutest baskets with a thank you note is just so sweet!

Wedding Favours – #14 Go Green

Let’s take one step closer to being eco-conscious here.. Like it says, ‘Let Love Grow’.

family gifts
The Green Wall

Picture Courtesy – Aanika designs

One of the best wedding favors in these crazy times are these plant pots.

wedding favours
The Seeds of Love

Picture Courtesy – Shaadi Squad

Let your guests take one each and grow it in their gardens or verandas. Spread the green vibes and you’ll see the earth thanking you!

indian wedding blogs
Planting Love

Picture Courtesy – Marmaros Productions

Armed with these great wedding favours and gift ideas, we’re sure you’re all ready to sweep your guests off the floor!

Cover Picture Courtesy – Hitched and Clicked

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