Wedding Fashion Alert – Tarun Tahiliani’s Latest Collection & more at the Vogue Wedding Show 2018

Tarun Tahilani latest collection

If you’re going crazy looking for the latest in Bridalwear everywhere… STOP! Check out ace couturier Tarun Tahiliani‘s latest collection and more at the exclusive Vogue Wedding Show 2018 coming soon…

The Vogue Wedding Show is undoubtedly one of India’s biggest wedding fashion extravaganza. Early this August at Delhi’s Taj Diplomatic Enclave, you’ll get to see and meet some of India’s biggest names and labels in fashion, jewelry, wedding planners et al coming together.

So we got talking to every bride’s favourite designer, Tarun Tahiliani and here he answers all those fashion questions on your mind!

Tarun Tahiliani’s latest collection! What’s it all about?

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
The Bride!

Brightness, elegance, ethereal romantic beauty, as opposed to oppressive armour of mindless work, is the major point of departure. Fit and the luxury of its feel is an absolute standard we must achieve. The aesthetic is subjective, comfort and luxe is not!

What is the inspiration behind this Collection? 

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Pretty in Pastel!

After everything I’ve seen, witnessed and heard in this past year, the point of departure is lightness – the unbearable lightness of being, a spirit of freeing and clothes that reflect the emancipation and lightness of women rather than decorative bondage. To me, that’s a strong metaphor.

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Shimmering Away!

To be true to our commitment, to be a new voice of tradition – to reinvent time tested techniques…

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Light & Lit up!

To emancipate fashion – to redefine ourselves, in many facets, to blend weaves, embroidery, age old technique with a state of the art fashion as defined by the best studios in Europe. All that we were, and more and more and more!

The colors of the season for brides?

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Bridal Hues!

I think brides have always wanted a lot of red, but a lot of girls are opting for paler colors. Colors that they wear in their normal life so it is not a day in costume, but an extension of their day-to-day elegance.

Your favorite fabrics and embellishments to watch out for? 

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Star Studded!

I have always liked lightness and bounce.  I’d rather think of it as a soufflé than a very heavy metallic and inlaid deathly garment.  So, I think people want that.

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Lighter than Air!

They want the effervescence of great construction, of beautiful colors of sparkling diamantes thread work etc, but they want to be able to move too.

The trending cuts and drapes?

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Veiled Beauty

I have always been a fan of the structured drape since most young girls now barely wear the salwar-kameez and very few saris. They are unable to handle the fabric and so the structured drapes, the pattas and panelled veils are beautiful because they sculpt to your body and allow you to be free.

After pastels and florals, what’s the next trend?

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Resplendent in Red!

In my opinion, the biggest bridal trends for this wedding season are elegance, elegance and more elegance as supposed to be over the top.

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Be Yourself!

Lightness, movement, pastel colours, looking like yourself and the contemporization of being bridal. You are not an actress; you don’t have to be Padmavati even for a day.

What’s that one piece of jewelry that a bride must have on her Wedding day?

I think accessorizing should again go with the personality, less is definitely more.

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Glitter Away!

One beautiful necklace or two or a mang-tikka, fresh flowers, subtle painterly make-up and then the overall softness is always wonderful.

What should grooms be looking out for in your collection?

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection

The groom should be in keeping with his normal sartorial style and since most Indian men are in fact quite simple and elegant, I think great tailoring, of course layering in the Indian way is lovely.

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection

I think that embroidery such as Chikankari, a bit of gota, and of course, zardozi always work well as do a lot of thread work.

Colors that grooms should experiment with? 

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Metallic Sheen

Colours are beginning to suit men a lot though I am not fan of them in very opulently printed sherwanis and churidars. I am big fan of layering.  Pre-structured kamarbandhs, shawls and of course, mostly the draped dhoti trousers are always elegant. Again, this is personality driven.

What is that one piece of accessory every groom must care for?

Men who want to experiment with jewellery can opt for a minimal look.

One suggestion that you would give to the brides and grooms getting married?

Tarun Tahiliani at Vogue Wedding Show
Making Memories!

Picture Courtesy: Tarun Tahiliani , Wedding Nama

This time is never going to come again, have fun.

What is your take on destination weddings and how have you changed your collection to cater to destination weddings?

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
  1. A beach wedding – Loved Lisa Haydon’s wedding. Vera Wang. Volume and drape.
  2. A fairytale/royal wedding – depends on the bride. Something formal, in velvet, zardozi, with crystals or headgears.
  3. A city wedding – Tone it down. Depends on if it is in a ballroom or not.
  4. An intimate wedding– An exquisite white chikankari or resham saree. Even a draped gown could look beautiful.
  5. A traditional wedding – vibrant colors from the traditional Indian palette.

One thing that’s here to stay?

Tarun Tahiliani at Vogue Wedding Show

The mind-set of 2018 bride and groom is that they want it to be about reality and their friends.  They want to have ceremony, but it is a rocking 2-day party besides that, and they want to be true to that!

What according to you is the one fashion faux pas a bride should avoid?

The bridal myth that I want to bust is that the more embroidery or more jewellery or make-up you have the better you look.  Yes, you might look like you spent a lot more money, but it does not make for more style.  Style and elegance must come from the within, and a balance of what you wear.

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Less is More

It is a sad reflection of our current time that while we go on and on about the elegance of Gayatri Devi in this country a lot of brides are overdone. Although I am seeing very refreshing change particularly in Bombay and Delhi and watching Shirya Bhupal recently in Paris, where she did not wear a single piece of jewellery made me feel that there was hope with the next generation who actually gets it.

Today’s brides are all about comfort with style! How do you get that with a heavy wedding lehenga?

Tarun Tahiliani latest collection
Subtle & Light

The biggest need of the hour is that you should be able to have fun and move and be able to dance after the wedding. Most brides are concerned that other people should not look heavier than them. I think people should not worry about that and what they do not want naturally is to be uncomfortable because also by the time they get to their wedding, they are pretty tired from the build up to it.

Tarun Tahiliani Collection
Easy Breezy!

So I think the comfort is key, and the most popular request I get is just please let me be comfortable, and it is repeatedly the most often thank you, gratitude texts, we will get afterwards to say that they looked fabulous, but also they felt like a dream and they were weightless and the clothes moved on them and they can’t wait to wear them again!

We loved how everything about Tarun Tahiliani’s latest collection seems to blend comfort with style in a light effervescent, elegant way that is just wowww! What do you think? To check out these gorgeous pieces or shop them, make sure you’re there at Vogue Wedding Show, 2018 in Delhi.

Dates: 3-5th August 2018

Venue: Taj Diplomatic Enclave,

Pre-register your Passes on:

Cover Picture Courtesy: Tarun Tahiliani , Wedding Nama

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