Stunning Bride Entry Ideas to make them STOP & STARE!

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Grand wedding, intimate wedding or home wedding, no wedding is complete without the most beautiful bride entry ideas that everyone talks about for years!

While this pandemic might have put a damper on most of your dream wedding plans, what nobody can take away from you is a breathtaking and memorable bride entry idea.

Here we bring to you some traditional, some trending, some coy and some sassy ideas to make your bridal entry the awesomest ever!

Bride Entry Ideas – #1 Flower Shower!

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Flower Play

Picture Courtesy: Twogether Studios

If you love flowers (but are bored with good old phoolon ki chadar), then fresh flower shower is beautiful bride entry idea to try!

bride entry ideas
Blessings are in the Air

Picture Courtesy: ANKIT JOSHI – Photographer

Don’t wanna mess up your hairdo with flower petals on the big day? Why not choose an all-yellow flower shower couple entry like these two on your haldi instead!

Phoolon ki Chadar

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Evergreen Beauty

Picture Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan

While the phoolon ki chadar entry has been done a zillion times, it still never goes out of style.

bride entry ideas
Dreamy Indeed!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama By Ankita & Akash

From color coded flowers that match your lehenga, to classic whites to beautiful arch shaped chadars, there are tons of options to choose from!

indian wedding blog
Glowing with Happiness

Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle the story folks

Bride Entry Ideas that NEVER get old – Pretty Palki!

bride entry ideas
Palki me Sawaar!

Picture Courtesy: DreamzKrraft

TBH, no Indian bride can get over the idea of making a classic entry in a royal paalki!

indian wedding blog

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Photography

A flower adorned palki, carried by your brothers, favorite friends or cousins is the perfect way to make sure your entry is epic, isn’t it.

bride entry ideas
Classic Beauty

Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown

How gorgeous is this open top floral paalki! We LOUUUUVE 🙂

Sizzling Fireworks

indian wedding blog
Light It Up!

Picture Courtesy: Weddings by Knotty Days

When you want all the sizzle without going risque, a fireworks bride entry is the way to go!

bride entry ideas
Get the Party Started

Picture Courtesy: Kameron Studios

A cold pyro tunnel not just looks sweeeeeeet when it is actually done, but makes for fabulous pictures too.

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Happy Faces

Picture Courtesy: The Royal Diaries

Day wedding? See how it still works great contrary to popular opinion that fireworks are for nights!

bride entry ideas
Moments Like These!

Picture Courtesy: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Dancing Brides, Fabulous Entries!

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Dance It Out

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked

If you’re one of those whose feet can’t stop tapping at the beats of music, then why stop short when it comes to your bridal entry!

bride entry ideas
Dance away!

Picture Courtesy: Red Veds

Choose your bride entry song wisely, cos you could gently sway in to the music or go full-on baarati dance depending on what’s playing and what’s your style!

indian wedding blog
Dancing Diva

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Toast

Here’s a Dancing bride entry worth watching!

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Row, Row, Row your Boat!

bride entry ideas
Like a Dream

Picture Courtesy: COTTON CANDY

If your wedding venue has a lake or a pond or any other water body nearby, sailing in on a boat is among the most trending bride entry ideas you can pick!

bride entry ideas

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Get your planner to doll up the boat and add elements like smoke bombs or faux steam to the boat for the most magical bridal portraits ever!

Hatke Bride Entry Ideas – Vroooom in!

bride entry ideas
Entry in Style

Picture Courtesy: ROHIT SULAKHE

Vroooooming in on a bike is definitely one way to show the world that you’ve arrived!

indian wedding blog
Yellow Power!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

Or you can make a power couple entry with bae on an ATV!

indian wedding blog
Hatke Couple

Picture Courtesy: Anusha {piyuri}

Glitzy sangeet night or retro pool party, choose your mean machine and make your entry memorable!

bride entry ideas
A Moment to Cherish

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

Swag se Entry!

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‘Dulhania’ Swag Mode ON!

Picture Courtesy: Legendary_Clicker

Gone are the days of the sundar, susheel bahu hiding coyly behind her ghungta. If you feel it’s your wedding and you must have fun, why hold back!

bride entry ideas
Arrive in Style

Picture Courtesy: Red Veds

These bindass real brides throw around some sass and show who’s in charge by making epic entries you’ll never forget.

bride entry ideas
The Sassy Bride

Picture Courtesy: Studio RDP

From dancing and waving away in your convertible…

indian wedding blog
Talk of that Swag

Picture Courtesy: Knotting Bells

To riding in on horseback – the sky’s your limit!

indian wedding blog
Bride Baraat Done Right!

Picture Courtesy: Preet Sandhu

Gang it up!

bride entry ideas
Pretty in Pink

Picture Courtesy: Colorblind Production

Your bridesmaids are your go-to gang when it comes to anything important. So how can your MOST important journey start without them by your side?

indian wedding blog
Glowing with Happiness

Picture Courtesy: Bugs&Co Wedding Photographers

From walking down the aisle holding your phoolon ki chadar to twinning to the T, you can bank on them for anything and you know it!

bride entry ideas
Yellow there!

Picture Courtesy: KD FILMS™

What’s more, your besties will drive away all those last minute jitters as you walk towards bae – and these memories and pictures are for keeps too!

indian wedding blog
All in White

Picture Courtesy: DOTDUSK

Cute Kids make the Cutest Bride Entry Ideas!

bride entry ideas
Little Angel

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Photography

When you have a cuter than angel nephew or niece who loves you the mostesssst, your bride entry must include them!

indian wedding blog
Cuteness Overloaded

Picture Courtesy: The Con Artists

Your cute angel can amp up the wedding pics with their expressions alone! Plus, they’re great with holding placards or flower baskets even twinning with you or the rest of your entry team.

Want MORE Twinning Ideas? Check this Out!

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Mera Pyara Bhaiya

bride entry ideas
Pure Love

Picture Courtesy: Clicksunlimited

You might be fighting over little things every other day, but when it comes to your wedding – your brother is rather emotional and even protective about you! (yeah, you know it even if he hides it well)

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Main Men

Picture Courtesy: Andras Schram Weddings

Plus, what good is he if he can’t take the weight of your paalki and that 100kg wedding lehenga 😉

bride entry ideas
Best Relation

Picture Courtesy: Artfoto

Let aside all the bickering and imagine, who better than your brothers to lead you to your groom!

Parents and Daughters

indian wedding blog
An Unique Relationship

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Photography

Honestly, as the D day approaches, we girls tend to get more and more sentimental about our parents, don’t we!

bride entry ideas
A Ride to Remember

Picture Courtesy: AbhiSakshi Photography

Get your dad inspired by this superdad who won all hearts by riding his princess in on D day!

indian wedding blog
Selfless Love & Blessings

Picture Courtesy: Ivy Weddings

Or rope in your sweeeeet Granny to walk you down the aisle. Choose what your heart really wants and you’ll cherish it forever!

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Couple Twinning – How to Ace the Trend on your Big Day!

Placards say it BEST

bride entry ideas
Keep it Quirky

Picture Courtesy: Cupid Love Stories

Honestly, most bride entry ideas can get everyone quite emotional, so why not lighten the mood with a little humor on a placard!

indian wedding blog
The Cute Way

Picture Courtesy: The Con Artists

Aren’t these the cutest ways to make him smile while you sweep him off his feet.

bride entry ideas
Vows Like This!

Picture Courtesy: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

And if you’re keen on writing your own vows, then you’ll LOVE this idea 🙂

Friendship Tunnel

bride entry ideas
Towards New Beginnings

Picture Courtesy: Weddinglooks

Who doesn’t remember playing childhood games like “oranges and lemons” with friends and cousins! Isn’t this tunnel of entry the cutest way to make your way in 🙂

indian wedding blog
That Happiness

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Files

And if you two have a special hobby or “thing” you love doing together, why not include that like this bride making her entry through a tunnel of golf clubs!

Grand Carriages!

indian wedding blog
Like A Fairytale

Picture Courtesy: Coolbluez Photography

The big fat Indian wedding never really disappoints when it comes to larger than life ideas!

bride entry ideas

Picture Courtesy: ALLIED

Make your grand wedding even grander with a custom designed entry carriage that blows everyone’s mind away!

bride entry ideas
A Grand Entry

Picture Courtesy: The Innovative Focus

Here are some trending designs worth sharing with your wedding planner!

indian wedding blog
Princess Vibes

Picture Courtesy: Mohit Tolani

Go Vintage!

bride entry ideas
The ‘Vintage’ Way

Picture Courtesy: weddingcinemas

If you love everything vintage and old school, get hold of a classic vintage beauty and get it going on your wedding day!

indian wedding blog
Here Comes the Bride!

Picture Courtesy: Arrow Multimedia

We love how these couples arrive in style in a charming vintage car, don’t you!

bride entry ideas
A Colourful Entry

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

Want something out of this world? Try this OTT couple entry in an electric blue car surrounded by angels!

Aren’t these the most stunning bride entry ideas to sweep him off the floor! Do comment below to let us know which one you heart <3

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