A Unique Pre Wedding Event – ZoWed Couples Day Out!

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Looking for Pre wedding ideas? If you’re engaged and already bored of the same old movie and dinner dates, here’s something you’ll love!

ZoWed is famous for our ideas and inspirations for ‘To-Be’ Couples…

pre wedding
Love Forever!

So we thought, why not organize an interesting, romantic pre wedding event for all you love birds!

Enter Couple’s Day Out – A Unique Pre wedding Event!

pre wedding
Looking into Your Hearts!

We put on our thinking caps, and visualized a day full of fun, interesting, interactive couples activities.

pre wedding
Love Shines!

We partnered with the amazing venue Holiday Inn, Kolkata Airport and leading event planners USP Entertainment Solutions, for the full day event. We added couple workshops and sessions that make you bond, connect and romance each other unabashedly!😍

Couple Posing Tips!

pre wedding
Let’s Pose!

Getting married means posing, smiling, pouting and more posing!

 indian wedding blog
Celebrity Photographer Kartik Bhagat!

& Who better than Kartik Bhagat of Dream Diaries, one of the top candid photographers in the country to come down and share his couple posing tips and tricks with To Be Weds!

pre wedding poses
Let’s Twirl!

Kartik was every bit charming and fabulous as he’s famed to be, and shared his many experiences from the Yuvi-Hazel wedding!

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Love, Hugs & more!

The most coveted part of his super cool session was how he chit-chatted with every participant to get to know them better.

pre wedding
And Click!

…and then suggest personalized pre wedding photography and wedding photography poses based on their own love stories!

pre wedding
Ek Chutki Sindoor!

From humming ‘Mangalam bhawgan vishnu…’ as this couple practiced ‘ek chutki sindoor’  pose…

pre wedding
Love Notes!

To sharing cheat notes with these college sweethearts – it was a ball!😝👌

Couple Dance!

Couple Dance pre wedding
Let’s Tango!

Nothing better than some sizzling Couple Dance to get you up close and personal with each other! Often, we meet couples where one louuuuuves dancing while the other has two left feet.

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Dance with Me!

So what if ‘Pappu can’t dance Sala’!

Together with our event planning partner USP Entertainment Solutions, we brought in expert choreographers Amrita Maitra (DID Fame) & VJ Veenit!

couple dance
Let’s Tango!

The duo and their expert dance troupe of Workstation Media & Events took the couples to the dance floor on a super energetic 1.5 hr Couple Dance Session. Everyone left behind their inhibitions, held on to their partners and simply let go!

pre wedding
Getting Groovy!

By the end of this session, we seriously couldn’t tell the dancers from the non dancers!

indian wedding blog
All Set!

Watch this video to catch a glimpse of all the fun!!!

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Cooking up some Love!

Is the way to his heart through his stomach? & what about her heart?!!! 😘

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Let’s Eat Sweetie!

How will you win her over after a fight? Or what yummy surprise can you cook up for his Birthday!

We got each couple down and dirty together in a fun, light, live cooking session with expert Holiday Inn Chef Suman!

pre wedding
Cooking up LOVE!

And we saw enthusiastic young hearts bending over to toss up a yummy ravioli pasta, whip together cups of delectable tiramisu and assort together the most interesting delicacies for each other – & enjoy them with each other! 😋

Preserve Your Special Moments with Candid Clicks!

pre wedding
Up Close!

But how could we let these beautiful moments slip away? So we had the super pre wedding and wedding photography team of Framed covering the whole day event!

pre wedding
Let’s Fall in Love!

They candidly captured the special moments for every couple as they laughed, cooked, danced and romanced together!

wedding photography
Get Framed!

And decor specialists Ferns n Petals dolled up the Holiday Inn venue and set up a special photobooth for couples to say ‘cheeeeeeese’ and get clicked!

Wedding Music & Entertainment Extravaganza!

Music at your wedding is not just about the Sangeet…

indian wedding blog
Music to my Soul!

So the famous DJ’s Harish and DJ Saranjit gave out ideas about what kind of music and top tracks to add to your various functions and special moments…

wedding planning
Let’s Talk Music!

Right from what to play that upbeat mehendi function to classic bride entry tracks to the perfect varmala moment songs!

Wedding Invitation Ideas!

indian wedding blog
Grand Invites!

We know how difficult it can be to decide upon your ‘oh so important’ wedding invitation card!

Invitation Cards

So we had with us, Poonam Khandelwal of  Entertainment Design Company, who showcased some of the latest wedding invitation trends and innovative designs.

Couples loved these ideas and chit chatted with her to decide what they really liked for their wedding invitations!

Wedding Planning Tips!

You have wedding on your mind, but there’s just so much chaos all around!

indian wedding blog
Plan your Moments!

Wedding planning experts from USP Entertainment Solutions helped couples plan their Big Day and discuss and guide them with whatever questions they needed answers to!

pre wedding
Plan On!

Their one-on-one session helped many a couples walk away with a ‘stress-free’ smile!

Trousseau and Styling!

No bride is at peace unless she has her wedding lehenga and trousseau shopping sorted!

wedding fashion
Fashion Fiesta!

So stylist and well known fashion blogger Nikita of Pentwister answered everything on young brides-to-be’s minds – from lehenga color choices, to twinning with the groom to jewelry choices trending this wedding season!

Surprise Surprise!

pre wedding

Doesn’t every girl dream of a fairytale proposal? And who wouldn’t want to win over your sweetheart with a romantic and sweeeeeet birthday surprise?

Our surprises partner –  Outbox Surprises offered amazing discounts vouchers to all participants of ZoWed Couple’s Day Out!

pre wedding

Missed this Pre Wedding Event of a Lifetime? Don’t worry! We’ll soon be doing bigger and grander episodes in other cities… so say ‘Yay’ in comments below & stay tuned in!

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