Must Have Photobooth Ideas for your Wedding, Mehendi, Pool Party & More!

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What’s a party without selfies? And what’s a wedding without those iconic groupfies! Our ultimate Photobooth Ideas are all you need…

Whether its your mehendi, sangeet or pool party, a fun photobooth that says ‘click-click’ is a must for those supercool group and couple shots! The Top photobooth ideas to steal from…

Photobooth Ideas – #1 Floral Frames!

Photobooth Ideas
Team Bride!

Picture Courtesy: Picsurely

Girls just wanna have fun! And no mehendi is complete without you and your girl gang posing for clicks in your Indian wear! All you need is a beautifully wall or frame dolled up with genda phool maalas for a colorful effect💛💚❤

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#2 – The Most Romantic Floral Hangings!

Photobooth Ideas
Flowers that Blossom your Life

Picture Courtesy: Preach Art

Nothing like a fresh flower setting specially to click your ultra romantic pictures 👌🏻

photobooth ideas
Pretty Twirl!

Picture Courtesy: Feather Tree By Aviraj

Throw in a royal seat and it’s your ultimate pose & twirl destination!

photobooth ideas
Queen Bee!

Picture Courtesy: @salwaphotography

#3 Fun Ride!

Photobooth Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Cool Bluez Photography 

Pick a typically Indian vehicle – auto, scooter, cycle rickshaw – paint it bright – throw on some nice fresh flowers …. and you’re done!

Photobooth Ideas
Mehendi Swag!

Picture Courtesy: Plush Affairs

If you love kitsch and you love everything Indian – this is one trend you just CAN’T ignore!👌🏻

photobooth ideas
Ready for a Ride!

#4 Getting Framed!

Photobooth Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Knot-O-Ring

Fun colourful frames in different shapes and sizes, suspended from a dolled up tree is your best outdoor prop and Photobooth idea!

Photobooth Ideas
Drama Couple!

Picture Courtesy: Recall Pictures

We love this larger than life frame for a fun 3D effect!

#5 Go Jhoola!

Photobooth Ideas
Swing Along!!!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

Nothing makes a mehendi decor complete like a dolled up jhoola!

Photobooth Ideas
Bride & Bridesmaids

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios

The jhoola and its many avatars are perfect photobooth ideas for your romantic shots and group shenanigans!

photobooth ideas
Mehendi & Jhoola!

Picture Courtesy:  The Wedding Story 

So dress up, doll up that jhoola & go cheeeeeese!

#6 Social Splash!

Photobooth Ideas
Go Tag!!!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Duo India

Photobooths straight out of Instagram and Pinterest get your sharing status roaring! ✌🏻

Photobooth Ideas
Tell your tale to the World

Picture Courtesy: SidWeddingPhotos

And don’t forget to highlight your own #weddingtags to add to the theme!📢

#7 – Themed Doors & Walls!

Photobooth Ideas
Barn Doors, Ideal for Romance & Masti

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Crasher Official

Add the barnyard romance to your portraits with supercool doors or walls that add charm to your pics!

photoshoot ideas
Graphic love!

Picture Courtesy:  Clicks by Garry

Add on your Scooter or flower power cycles and you’re good to go!

photoshoot ideas
Walle Walle!

Picture Courtesy: Kalikaar_Design

#8 – Fabrics & Drapes!

Photobooth Ideas
Tring a Ling!!!!

Picture Courtesy: avnish_dhoundiyal

What’s more festive romantic than bright drapes & chiming bells as a backdrop!

Photobooth Ideas
In our Hearts!

Picture Courtesy: Beginnings for you

Think Pop bright dupattas and genda phool decor for just the right effect!

#9 – Of Chalk, Boards & Knick Knacks!

Photobooth Ideas
Merry to Marry!

Picture Courtesy: WhatKnotIn

Your wedding, Your rules, Your board! 😍👌🏻

Photobooth Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Feather Tree By Aviraj

Add on a vintage wooden desk, chandeliers and English style potted plants for an elegant sophisticated photobooth!

Photobooth Ideas
Vintage Style!!!

Picture Courtesy: Feather Tree By Aviraj

#11 Hanging Lights & Chandeliers!

Photobooth Ideas
Light Up Your Life!!!

Picture Courtesy: Vivek Kashyap

Aren’t these pretty light hangings just wow!!!! 😘👌🏻

Photobooth Ideas
Let’s Dancing in the Light of Love!!!

Picture Courtesy: The Conartist

All you need is pretty dangling Christmas lights and a good old tree – add on giant size pots and vases and you’ve got yourself a romantic shot winner!

#11 Floral Wall… Literally!

photoshoot ideas
Red Hot Asin & Rahul Sharma!

Picture Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Need we say more? Just choose your favourite colors and get your decor artist to go doll it up!

Photobooth Ideas
The Magic of Flowers & Love!!!

Picture Courtesy: SidWeddingPhotos

The stunning floral wall is an amazing photo booth idea for everything from romantic to crazy fun photo ops!

#12  Floral Arches of Heaven!

Photobooth Ideas
The Bridal Twirl!!!

Picture Courtesy: studiokellyphotography

Nothing, read NOTHING compares to floral arches when it comes to bridal portraits, twirl shots or romantic couple photo ideas!

Photobooth Ideas
Best Location!!!

Picture Courtesy: Shades Photographyindia

Isn’t this floral arch with a path full of candles is just sooooo heavenly! 😍👌🏻

#13 Letters of L.O.V.E!

Photobooth Ideas
Love the Essence of Life!!!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

What better than the words L.O.V.E. to  to show your love? Just place them right and you’ll be happily going click, click, click!

Photobooth Ideas
Lit Up by Love!!!

#14 Accessories & Props!

Photobooth Ideas
Baraati Swag!

Picture Courtesy: DelhiVelvet

Don’t forget to get the right props and placards designed to add humor to your pictures – floral crowns, filmy dialogues, status updates, mustaches, goofy oversized glasses, furry scarves, hookah, stylish hats!

Photobooth Ideas
Love Proposal!!!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

How cute is this giant wheel at your mehendi mela – all you need is the right props!

photoshoot ideas
Me & my Fans!

Picture Courtesy: Plush Affairs

Cover Picture Courtesy: Going Bananas Photography

These are all the photobooth ideas you need to get inspired! Save, like & share with your decor artist and go get it done! Do let us know what’s your favourite!

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