Top 10 Maangtika Designs you MUST check out!

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If something’s made a royal comeback, it’s the Maangtika on a bride’s forehead! Looking for maangtika ideas? Today’s your lucky day!

Love ’em or hate ’em, you just can’t ignore ’em. The maangtika is back in trend and how! We bring you the best of the lot with fabulous ideas you can actually use…

#1 Gold Stunners!

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Golden Glow!

Picture Courtesy: Alif Studio

Gold simply never goes out of style. Choose traditional or trendy and just match it with the rest of your jewelry for a Golden Bride look!

Beauty in Gold!

Picture Courtesy: MnMFoto | Wedding Photography

This statement piece in all gold adds just sooooo much mystery to your bridal look!

#2 Small is Sweet – Pendant Style!

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Glittering with Diamonds!

Picture Courtesy: Orange the Salon

If you’re not up for experiments, or you’re wearing a dazzling diamond set on your wedding day – you can opt for a small pendant style diamond maangtika that doesn’t grab all the attention yet looks simple and pretty in place!

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Check me Out!

Picture Courtesy: Appu Photography

Goes perfectly with every face cut and shape, this is one style you just can’t go wrong with.

#3 Jhoomar or Passa – Oh so Dreamy!

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Royally Charming!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

If you’re dreaming of a Mughal Empress type royal bride look, you must include the Jhoomar in your wedding day jewelry.

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Queen of Hearts!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

Large kundan and meenakari pieces that match your maangtika and your wedding lehenga are what you must opt for!

#4 Single Chain Maangtika

Indian Wedding Blog
Smiling Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Amish Photography

If you love maangtikas, you’ve got to love the chains or ladi that come with it. You can try the many looks…

Indian Wedding Blog
Ghungroo Love!

Picture Courtesy:  Fotobar

Your head is mostly covered and only one chain can show, but who said it can’t have beautiful pearl hangings!

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Magnificent Bride with a Kemp Set

Picture Courtesy: Kiruba Krishnan Photography

Loving this TamBrahm bride’s ‘kemp’ version of the single chain maangtika with rubies and emeralds set in gold!

#5 Multiple Chains!

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
A Queen of Her World

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

There’s nothing more royal than those multi-ladi Maangtikas – the single most hottest trend this wedding season. And it comes in all looks, from royal princess to stylish to delicate, so choose your chains and fix your look!

Indian Wedding Blog
Delicate Princess!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Conteurs

We love how these delicate pearl beauties lend a soft and mysterious glow to the bride’s face😍

In Style!

Picture Courtesy: Confetti Films

And if you’re up for it, go for bold multi chain kundan maangtika oozing oomph!

#6 Borla Style Maangtika!

Say Borla!

Picture Courtesy: Recall Pictures

The traditional Rajasthani Borla style maangtika is a unique rounded piece studded with pearls, stones, rubies and more.

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Borla Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

We love how this bride wears a borla with an added maangtika for a lovely look!

#7 Side-Swept! 

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
One Side Swept Maangtika

Picture Courtesy: One Fine Day Photography

Going for a side-swept hairstyle on your Big Day? Make your maangtika side swept too! Just get your maangtika chains fixed up on one side for a royal begum style look 👌

Indian Wedding Blog
Blissful Beauty!

Picture Courtesy:  KritiDS-The Makeup Artist

All you need to do is set the chains right and you’re flashing the hottest maangtika trend, your way!

#8 Jhumka Style Chaand Bali

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
The Chaand Bali Styled Maangtika

Picture Courtesy: Shutter Down Photography

These lovely jhumka style maangtika are quite the rage! Gold, Kundan studded or with pretty pearl hangings – they perfectly complement your intricate bridal lehenga.

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Maangtika
Maangtika Stunner!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Finesse

You can match them exactly and wear the same design of jhumkas or go different – either look works wonders!

Indian Wedding Blog
Same Pinch!

Picture Courtesy: Glimmer Films 

#9 Color twist! 

Color me Green!

Picture Courtesy:  The Cheesecake Project

Don’t we love how these green emerald beads add color to her face! Match with your wedding jewelry and match with your wedding lehenga – you’ll love how the pictures come out 🙂

Ravishing in Red!

Picture Courtesy: Shutter Down Photography

This smart piece with red hangings is another favourite – just perfect for your sangeet!

#10 Bring it on – Heavy Chain Style!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Antique Charm!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

These necklace style intricate maangtika chains are just what you need for a classic bride look! Nothing short of attention grabbers, they add just the right dose of antique charm to your look 🙂

heavy maangtika
Beauty in Art!

Picture Courtesy: Bhushan Vardiwale Photography

You MUST get your photographer to do some stunning top shots to capture this beauty in all it’s glory!

If you love these, check out our final selection of a few more beautiful pieces to help you pick your wedding look!

Picture Courtesy: Rolling Canvas Presentations, The Cheesecake ProjectCandid Wedding Stories, Cupcake Productions, Beginnings for you, CoolBluez Photography, The Cheesecake ProjectBombay PaparazziDelhi Photography Club

Cover Picture Courtesy – Red Veds

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