Honeymoon Destination ??? Check out our Top 10 & Get Going!

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Still not decided your honeymoon destination – beach, mountains… jungle safari? If you and your better half are having a tough time deciding the perfect honeymoon spot, worry not!

Here’s a snapshot of the 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations to choose from!

10. Stunning Koh Samui! 

Popular Honeymoon destination kosamui
Stunning Ko Samui!

Pic Courtesy: alison_bass

Thailand is a haven for honeymooners. Lined with stunning beaches, white sands and breathtaking views – nothing compares to the natural beauty of Koh Samui. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water and breathtaking sunsets are in store for you.

If that’s not what romantic honeymoons are made of, what is?

9. Romantic Honeymoon Destination? Think Paris!

Romantic Honeymoon destination Paris
Romantic Honeymoon in the City of Love

Pic Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Numerous movies and novels have already established how romantic it is to kiss under the Eiffel Tower!

So, here I am reminding you to do just that on your honeymoon! Dress in your finest clothes and stroll along the Champs Elysees and other romantic pathways in this beautiful city -enjoying every moment together.

8. Ciao, Italy! 

Honeymoon Destination Italy - Romantic!
Ciao Italy!

Picture Courtesy: Lifeinitaly.com

Are you one of those history-loving couples? If yes, then treat yourself to this majestic country called Italia!

Venice is the place for young lovebirds to get lost and find each other! Rome, Florence and Milan do offer a lot of things, but trust me – it’s the small towns which hold the true essence of Italy. Apart from the culture and fashion, Italy also offers great wine and the original thin crust pizza!

7. Amazing Australia!  

Australia - Amazing Honeymoon Destination
Amazing Australia!

Pic Courtesy: life.with.three

For adventurous couples who want to travel to the world’s end, what better than Australia! From the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney, from koalas to kangaroos – the country has it all. Don’t forget to include the heart shaped Tasmania Island in your itinerary.

Pump up your adrenaline and chart out your adventurous plan. Australia is your perfect honeymoon destination – it gives you that romantic break and more!

6. Gorgeous Greece! 

Greek honeymoon destination
Gorgeous Greece!

Picture Courtesy: EuropeGroupTours 

You can’t really go wrong with Greece. Explore Athens, Crete and Acropolis without missing out on whitewashed Santorini, which is home to the remains of a volcano. The deep blue see and white cubist buildings will take your heart away!

 5. Zingy New Zealand!   

Honeymoon Destination
Zingy New Zealand!

Pic Courtesy: New Zealand Tourism

For people who love picturesque beauty, there is nothing better than New Zealand. With a  population of only 4 million, the country offers serene beauty and  keeps you away from the hustle bustle of crowded cities – go New  Zealand and discover each other!

4. Fairytale Ireland!  

Fairytale Honeymoon Destination Ireland
Fairytale Ireland!

Pic Courtesy: sarah__hinkson

Craft beer, lovely music and cocktails shout Ireland! Start your romantic honeymoon from the lovely city of Dublin and take a road trip through the virgin countryside.

Ireland boasts of sea, mountains and beautiful castles where you could stay and feel like a royal couple!

3. Mad about Maldives!

Romantic Honeymoon Destination Maldives
Mad About Maldives!

Pic Courtesy: Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives

If you are one of those couples who just want to enjoy luxury hotels and beaches, then Maldives is another all-time romantic honeymoon favorite. This remote island has romance written all over it.

Rent a private bungalow and jump into the sea right from your balcony! Maldives is one honeymoon destination that will keep your wedding glow alive.

2. Adventurous South Africa!  

Africa - Honeymoon Destination
Adventurous Africa!

Picture Courtesy: Zicasso.com

If you do not want to go to a typical honeymoon destination, and want to try something different – then South Africa is just perfect. Who knows, you might discover your fairytale romance amidst sand dunes, forest safaris and gazing into the starry sky!

1. Blissful Bahamas!

Romantic honeymoon destination Bahamas
Blissful Bahamas!

Pic Courtesy:  icandydream

Whether you want to explore coral reefs, enjoy beautiful sunsets or snorkel in blue water – you can find almost everything in the Bahamas. If this is not enough to tempt you, then imagine relaxing in lavish resorts and open-air cafes with mouthwatering food… Ahhhh! I could use a romantic honeymoon again, what say Mr 😉

After all the craziness of your grand wedding, you deserve a relaxing honeymoon to kick back and enjoy. So get set go… You are now armed with the list of top ten honeymoon destinations this season – sit together and plan your dream!

Any of you beauties have a hotter off-the-radar honeymoon destination in mind? Share your pick & let us know -We’d love to discover what you’ve found!!!

Cover Pic Courtesy: Photobooth9

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