Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist & Guide for Brides-to-be!

Wedding planning is never ending… But don’t forget the ‘oh so interesting’ honeymoon planning 😉 Presenting the Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist and Guide and for all you brides-to-be!

Nobody wants to freak out on their honeymoon for missing out important stuff! Here’s our handy honeymoon checklist to get you sorted…

Honeymoon Checklist Item #1 – Stunning Sunglasses!

Honeymoon Checklist
Cool Shades of Blue!

Picture Courtesy: Israni Photography

Pack in your fav sunglasses – 2 to 3 different styles and shades to match every mood & outfit!

Honeymoon Checklist
Hello Sunshine!

Picture Courtesy: Plush Affairs

Classic aviators, super cool reflectors, catty frames and good old black frames – just pick your style and stash one in each bag! 😎

#2 Awesome Accessories!

Honeymoon Checklist
Gold & Glittery!

Picture Courtesy: Beginnings for you

On your honeymoon, your best friends are not your diamonds.. but your accessories and clutch bag! Carry a couple of clutches just big enough to sneak in your wipes, touch ups, perfume vials and other thingies men don’t understand 😜

honeymoon checklist
Stars, Moon, You & Me!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Shutterspeed

Try matching cute neckpieces, hand and ear pieces right when you pack each outfit (boy….. that’s tough!) and carry a few extras in silver, black, white and multi-color to mix n match!

#3 Hair do!

Honeymoon Checklist
Colours of love!

Picture Courtesy: Awara_kt

Think pretty tiaras, cute little clips, sassy bandannas, headbands and banana clips for easy-peasy hair-do’s in the quickest time possible… cos you reeeeeeeally won’t get hours to do your hair on this trip sweeetie! 🙆🏼

honeymoon checklist
Hats Off!

Picture Courtesy: Bugzy’s Photography at The Picture Destination

If nothing else, throw on a cute hat or floral scarf to add color and charm to your outdoor look! 👒

#4 Face Mists

honeymoon checklist
Hand in Hand!

Picture Courtesy: Prabhu677

When you’re out n about on your honeymoon – sightseeing, enjoying a desert safari or facing a salty sea breeze… you’ll rarely get the time for your regular freshening up routine!

honeymoon checklist
Misty Maiden!

Picture Courtesy: Alanna Naturally Beautiful

So carry a travel pack of aloe vera wipes and refreshing face mists to keep your skin looking hydrated and perky 🙂

#5 Smart Bags!

Bridal Honeymoon Checklist
Bag it!

Picture Courtesy: Etsy

A smart and compact backpack is your lifesaver! A backpack with enough space to fit in your comb, hair clips, wipes, face mist, hand mirror, touch ups, a map, a munchie and small water bottle is must for those sightseeing days!

Indian Wedding Blog
Tag it Up!

Picture Courtesy: Design Tuk Tuk

Having your own personalized baggage tags with your names or Bride & Groom etched on it makes it not just smart to lug around, but easy to spot on the luggage belts too!

#6 Sassy Sneakers!

Honeymoon Checklist
Glowing Glittery Sneakers!

Picture Courtesy: The Photo Diary

Comfy and in style – sneakers are every honeymoon gal’s must pack!

Honeymoon Checklist
Shiny Sisters!

Picture Courtesy: Rhythmic Focus

Whether you plan to go to hiking, trekking, adventure sporting or just for romantic hand in hand walks –  your shiny converse will be your most stylish and comfy buddies!

#7 Glamorous Gowns!

Honeymoon Checklist

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked at The Picture Destination

A romantic dinner gown is a must pack for your dream honeymoon!

Honeymoon Checklist
Beauty in Blue

Picture Courtesy: Studio12Movies

Complete your look with the right danglers and accessories for a memorable date night 😍

#8 Oh Sooooo Sexy Strappy Heels!

Honeymoon Checklist
Boho Chic!

Picture Courtesy: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Don’t forget sexy strappy heels that go perfectly with your dresses, skirts and gowns!

honeymoon checklist
Rosy Beauties!

Picture Courtesy: Manolo Blahnik

You might have ordered them online, but always try on your beauties before packing to make sure you’re comfortable strutting them around!

honeymoon checklist
Pop & Berry!

Picture Courtesy: Harvey Nichols

P.S. Don’t forget your travel pack of foot cream & favourite nail paint for those essential touch ups!

#9 Sexy Swimsuit & Lingerie!

Bridal Honeymoon Checklist
Swim Away!

Picture Courtesy: Victorias Secrets

Whether its the hotel pool or a beach destination, you can’t do without your pick of best fitting and sexy swimsuits! 👙

Bridal Honeymoon Checklist
Naughty Nightwear!

Picture Courtesy: Victorias Secrets

When it comes to honeymoon lingerie, it’s the time to experiment, so go with what your heart suggests! Pack in your beauties in a nice ‘comfies kit’ to keep them neat and easy to spot when you need them in a hurry 😉

P.S. – Don’t forget that essential bikini wax and body polishing right before your wedding shenanigans kick off!

#10 Beauty Essentials & Saviors!

Indian Wedding Blog
Picture Perfect!

Picture Courtesy: Prabhu677

Pack in your tried & tested waterproof makeup essentials – everything from foundation to lipsticks, eye makeup, nailpaint, a few perky shades of lip gloss, perfume and a hand-mirror!

Indian Wedding Blog
Face Palm!

Picture Courtesy: The Royal Affair

And most importantly…

Don’t forget these saviors – your quick skin cleansers, moisturisers, perfume, cotton balls, birth control, quirky couple games and a variety of lubricants 😉

Done?!! You’re all set to rock your honeymoon and create happy memories for a lifetime! Have your own honeymoon checklist or some secrets to share? Help other brides-to-be & let them know in comments below!

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