Five Favourite Makeup Products to rock the wedding Season. Sans Blunders!

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Don’t you hate it when you’re at a wedding or a party and your latest selfie reveals that you need an immediate touch-up? We bring you our five favourite makeup products that’ll make those panic buttons vanish!

Who hasn’t been struck by crazy makeup crisis moments in the middle of a party? Moments when you feel you need your bestie by your side. Believe it or not, here’s our secret list of five favourite makeup products that will make those moments vanish!

With the wedding season in full swing, we got talking to makeup experts at Sugar Cosmetics, and they feel your pain. Trials, errors and many sessions later, here’s our selection of top five makeup products that’ll turn make-up crises a thing of the past.

Ace of Face Foundation Stick

makeup products

Yes, we get dark circles when don’t get even one full night of beauty sleep! It’s a truth of life that guys don’t understand. And they need not understand either, cos we’ve got foundation to cover it all up :p

makeup products

But add bad Indian sweaty weather to that, along with pimples and open pores (who doesn’t have ’em!), getting our foundation to perform its basic functionality becomes a challenge. But all these factors aren’t worrisome if you’ve got your hands on the Ace of Face Foundation Stick by Sugar. Honestly, it’s creamy enough to blend easily, yet lightweight and not cakey at all!


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The best part is that this foundation is in a stick form with a blending brush at the other end, so it fits in any damn clutch bag, and we can use it on the go for our touch ups and cover ups in the middle of an occasion.

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Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer

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Imagine you’re at a mehendi brunch, and coming up soon after is the sangeet the same night. But you partied hard at the cocktail last night and those dark circles aren’t really hiding themselves under the light makeup we splashed on before showing up for mehendi! You’re not going to catch any sleep soon, so the only option is to use a heavy duty concealer that works like magic…

makeup products

Ta da! The Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer by Sugar works like a charm in these situations! From covering up scary last-minute acne, to powering up your foundation game, this waterproof concealer lasts 8 long hours – enough to go from brunch to dinner without a full makeup redo.

Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick

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That perfect shade of lipstick which matches your wedding outfit is something you really spend time hunting for. But when it fades away in an hour, it’s a total let-down! That’s why we love this one by Sugar. A few diligently applied swipes of this liquid beauty is enough to last a whole day of eating, drinking, and selfie-ing. No wonder they call it “wine, coffee, and date proof” – everything you want your lip colour to be!

makeup products

It’s available in 52 fab shades, but we’re currently loving the Preach Peach that stand outs perfectly at a day wedding function. Trust us, it doesn’t fade out easily and doesn’t make you run to the rest room for touch ups!

makeup products

Eye Told You So! Smudgeproof Eyeliner

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Whether you’re the sister of the bride or her bestie, TBH – you cry when she cries 🙁 Reason enough to hunt down the most waterproof and smudge-proof eye makeup on the planet!

makeup products

This eyeliner is as easy to apply thanks to its easy grip applicator, as it is easy to take off since it peels right off with warm water. And it stays on for almost 24 hours! You’ll surely exclaim, “What more could ‘eye’ ask for!”

Grand Finale Matte Setting Mist

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So, we’ve all got our favourites when it comes to makeup; and sadly, not every lipstick or shade of eyeshadow is smudgeproof, waterproof and long lasting. That’s exactly why we love this “setting mist” by Sugar – a couple of spritzes on your face after you’re done with your makeup and it truly seals the deal!

This colourless spray not just locks our makeup, it also adds a matte finish, radiant glow – the kind that comes with real LOVE! The only thing is, if your mascara isn’t waterproof, make sure you put it on after the setting mist, so it doesn’t run!

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Don’t these magic makers sound beautiful! It’s amazing how tweaking our make-up routine a bit can save us from embarrassing malfunctions on an important day. So get set, and shop! And before it’s time to go ‘click click’ at the next wedding in town!

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