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Not every bride wears red and not every girl wants to look the same on her wedding day! We bring you the latest bridal makeup tips, trends and hacks to looking gorgeous on your Big day with secrets from award winning makeup artist Maushmi Dhawan of Beautiful Secrets Studio.

What started with a book on beauty regimes twenty years back, is now the Beautiful Secrets Studio, bridal makeup and hair experts. Here founder Maushmi Dhawan reveals what’s trending and what’s not when it comes to bridal makeup – so read, save and make mental notes!

First off, Please tell our readers about Beautiful Secrets Studio and how your journey started?

Bridal Makeup

I came up with a book called Beautiful Secrets, which narrated the experiences of women from different backgrounds, with various beauty regime and their results. Later I started a salon with the same name the brand grew with time.

How rewarding is makeup as a profession?

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Black & White

Professional makeup is truly a blessing when your clients say ‘Thank you, you made my day!’ While remuneration is always appreciated, what truly counts is when your clients are happy and satisfied with your work. And they are more than willing to recommend to others.

 3 makeup tips every dusky bride needs to keep in mind?

Bridal Makeup
Couple Love

I believe dusky is sexy. For those with a darker complexion here are some tips:

  • Use mild foundation matching your skin color with a little sheer to bring out the shine and color
  • Use kohl for enhancing eyes as every woman’s best feature is her eyes
  • Apply gloss for lips to give volume

What makeup trends do you foresee for the summer wedding season?

Bridal Makeup
Beauty in Eyes
  • Nude make-up is going to reign supreme in summer weddings!
  • It’s time to revamp the black kohl! Brown smudged is the hot look this time around.
  • As for lipsticks, the colors nude, pink and peach should be your first choice.
  • For cheeks – sheer blush is the way to go!
  • Sharper eyebrows are in vogue so buy the correct shade of brow pencils.
  • For those who want to make their eyes look bigger and brighter, choose lash extensions

Some Bridal Skincare Do’s & Don’ts?

Bridal Makeup
The Glowing Bride
  • Don’t go overboard with the dermatologist, unless necessary. A salon can take care of your basic skincare.
  • Please don’t call for beauty services at home to save time and money. Go and get yourself pampered at a good salon by thorough professionals. After all, its about your skin and hair and your big day.
  • Must do – nails and lash lift or extensions, anything that can be an extension to your beauty is a must-try!

What special advice would you give to our summer brides?

Bridal Makeup
Ravishing in Red
  • Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated – its important for your skin.
  • Use the right type of primer as it makes makeup last.
  • Please use good deodorants and perfumes which last long as we all know how lengthy wedding rituals can be!

Which hairstyles are in trend this wedding season?

Bridal Makeup
Floral Detailing
  • Messy buns or soft buns
  • Beach curls
  • Suave roll blow-dries
  • Velcro finish hairstyles

What’s more challenging – achieving different looks for a bride? Or suggesting a bride to go for a particular look?

Bridal Makeup
Hues of Pink

Achieving a look is easy but suggesting a particular look to a bride, is a little more difficult! With technology at everyone’s fingertips, I have to be one step ahead of competition, peers, and clients (which is a blessing in disguise!)

bridal makeup portrait
Hugs & Kisses!

But also, because of technology, brides sometimes come with half-baked knowledge and insist on a particular look. One should understand what will suit them best and not pick any look off the net. We at Beautiful Secrets Studio help our brides achieve the look that truly suits them!

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3 mistakes no bride should make in the days leading up to her big day?

  • Choose your artist wisely, do thorough research and gather reviews before booking one.
  • Don’t be stingy – quality products and services will have a higher price point.
  • Don’t be rigid, trust your artist if she or he suggests something for you. For an artist, her or his name is just as important as is for the bride to look her finest on the Big Day!
bridal mua

While we consider inner beauty and the ‘glow of love’ to be the best look a bride can flaunt, picture perfect bridal makeup and healthy skin never hurts!

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