Must Have Couple Poses for your Wedding Album!

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What makes a great Wedding album? The perfect couple poses! We bring you our selection of the best…

You don’t get second chances with your wedding album, but not everyone is born a poser😳 Here are some of the Best Couple Poses to help you create memories that last a lifetime!

Couple Poses – The Royal Shot!

Couple Poses
The Royal Canvass

Picture Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

A classic will always be a classic. Think of those formal ‘painting on the wall’ style evergreen, regal pictures in all your wedding finery!

Couple Poses
A perfect match!

Picture Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

These classic portrait pictures with the groom standing behind the bride are a must have and make sure your expressions are either intense or your smile bring out your royal charm as a couple!

Funny Melodramatic Moments!

Couple Poses
You may now kiss!!!

Picture Courtesy: LightBucket Productions

Got a ‘kabab me haddi’ type best buddy? Frame your fun moments together on your wedding day for tons of laughter even years later!

Couple Poses
Classic gone Funny!

Picture Courtesy: Kirandeep Photography

He’s constantly on his phone? Catch it in a fun shot to show as proof whenever you need it! 😉

Couple Poses
Who me?!

Picture Courtesy: Cool Bluez Photography

Can’t imagine yourself in the ‘sati savitri’ bride mode? Go on & get a click just for the heck of it!😜

Its Black. Its White!

Couple Poses
Classic Love!

Picture Courtesy: Shashank Issar Photography

Sometimes, we don’t really need colors to bring out the stark emotions of a moment. Make sure your photographer includes some classic black and white portraits in your album.

Couple Poses
Classic Capture!!!

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames

Doesn’t this beauty exude a timeless feel just by being black and white! We love ❤

A Walk to Remember – The ‘Chal Mere Saath’ Shot!

Virat Anushka Wedding pictures

Picture Courtesy:@storiesbyjosephradhik 

Virat & Anushka walked away together in style as everyone watched spellbound!😍

Couple Poses
Blue skies & two people in love!!!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Whether you’re going for a destination wedding, or a pre or post wedding shoot – simply get out there and walk hand in hand for this beautiful picture that’s a must in your album!

The ‘Can’t Wait to be with You’ shot!

Couple Poses
Magical moment!

Picture Courtesy: Flashbakc – Studios

When love’s in the air, and everyone’s running around crazy for your wedding preps, just sneak up and unleash your inner feelings for this ‘Can’t Wait’ shot!😘

Couple Poses
Let’s set the temperatures soaring!

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

And if you’re game, don’t shy away from a sizzling smoldering up close & personal shot like Malvika & Rohit!

Romancing the Rains!

Couple Poses
When dreams come true!

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

If yours is a monsoon wedding, this is a must do shot! You, him, an umbrella and oooh la la 😘

Couple Poses
A Million Drops of their Heart

Picture Courtesy: Vipul Sanglikar Photography

Go full on filmy and think classic ‘pyar hua, ikraar hua..’ with this evergreen shot 🙂

The ‘I’ll take you Home’ shot!

Couple Poses
Take me Home?

Picture Courtesy: The Con Artists

Propose again but with a twist… lift her up and carry her home in your arms – filmy ishtyle!😘

Couple Poses
Lets Go!!

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

Add the mesmerizing colors of your chemistry to make this shot fun & vibrant!

A li’l Privacy Please!

Couple Poses
Stealing a Kiss!

Picture Courtesy: StudioClickz – Kiruba Krishnan

Your teambride loves gossip… so why not give them some!!!😘

Couple Poses
Cuteness Overloaded!!!

Picture Courtesy: Mateihorvath

And how adorable is this ‘We saw Nothing’ shot with color coded kiddies!

Couple Swag!

Wedding couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Deepak Bisht Films Pvt. Ltd

If you’re too cool to be bothered by the traditional boring poses or don’t give a penny for what other think, go out and do something fun.. something that’s you!😋

Wedding couple poses
Let’s Elope!

Picture Courtesy: Soumalya De Photography

Like you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to run away and get married? If nothing, this pic can get you half the thrill!

Indian Wedding Photographers
Just Hanging Around!

Picture Courtesy: The Candid Theory

Or drive those aunties n naani-daadi’s crazy with this scandalous click!😉

That ‘Catching a Few Moments Together’ shot!

Couple Poses
Love blossoms!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Amidst the hurry-burry of wedding rituals and ceremonies, steal your moments together and make your wedding memories count!

Couple Poses
Yes, there’s immense love in the air!

Picture Courtesy: Pooja Joseph Photography

Make sure nobody else but your candid photographer finds out when you two sneak out for a li’l catching up!😘

Couple Poses
Sweet nothings and stuff!!!

Picture Courtesy: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

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Status Update!

Couple Poses
Cos there’s nothing better than marrying your best friend!!!

Picture Courtesy: WhatKnotIn

Chalkboards are an amazingly fun way to capture your status update in a frame forever!

 Indian Wedding Photographers
Who’s the Boss!

Picture Courtesy: Israni Photography

Wedding Vows!

A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

Picture Courtesy: @storiesbyjosephradhik 

Like Virushka, your varmala & phere moments are eternally beautiful and definitely no photographer can afford missing these!

Wedding couple poses
Oh No!!!

Picture Courtesy: KnotsbyAmp

But isn’t this quirky capture right before your pheras just too much fun!

couple poses
Blissfully Yours!

Picture Courtesy: One Fine Day

Or this beautiful floortrait on a bed of flowers while you’re still wearing your varmalas… heavenly! 😍

Wedding Photographer
I Win!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Or a candid shot capturing the winners & losers at the real games!

Your First Dance!

Couple Poses
In your Arms!

Picture Courtesy: Morvi Images

That very first twirl and dance together as Mr & Mrs must be captured in full glory! What can more make your wedding album more memorable😍

A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

Imagine the two of you dancing to the tunes of your heart with a crackling fireworks backdrop – divine, isn’t it!

Couple Poses
Dance with me!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

The Essential ‘Just Married’ Shot!

Couple Poses
And their Happily Ever After begins here!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

What’s cuter than a ‘Just Married’ couple posing with all pearlies flashing & that sign!

Couple Poses
Ready to go!!!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography 

So, choose your ride, put on the sign and get going vrooooom!

Couple Poses
New Phase of Life

Picture Courtesy: Studio RDP

Whoever says Vidaai is about shedding tears!

The First Kiss!

Couple Poses
The Unforgettable First Kiss!!!

Picture Courtesy: Ivy Photography

Oh, that first kiss, just after the wedding rituals. This is a must click!

Wedding Photography

Picture Courtesy: KnotsbyAmp

So get over the same old ‘smile please’ type couple poses and add some spice to your wedding album. Take little leaves out of your life and add their personal flavour to your wedding pictures with these trending ideas and couple poses… after all, this one’s for keeps! Which one are you going to get clicked in? Do let us know in comments below…

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