Bridesmaids Checklist – The Definitive Do’s & Don’ts for every Bride’s Besties!

Bridesmaids Checklist

If your Bestie’s getting married, you can’t just sit around & chill! Here’s our Ultimate Bridesmaids Checklist to help you! 

Behind every smiling bride, is her gang of girls! 😉 Clueless about what you’re supposed to do? This Bridesmaids Checklist is all you need to be the best bestie around!

Bridesmaids Checklist #1 – Be her Assistant!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
The Brides & Her Gang!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Wedding Photography

Like it or not, its your time to play 2nd fiddle 😜 Not the D day, not the week before, your work starts right after she’s said ‘Yes’!

Team Bridesmaids
We’ve Got your Back 😉

Picture Courtesy: Karn Shah Photography 

From choosing the wedding photographer to meeting the makeup artist to buying sexy lingerie – she can’t do without your gyaan 😉

#2 Book it On!

Bridesmaids Checklist
Let’s Rock!

Picture Courtesy: A Knotty Tale

Don’t you always keep harping about how she can’t do without you? Now’s the time to prove it! Keep track of all bookings she’s making and save important contacts. If the mehendi artist or the choreographer doesn’t turn up on time, its your job to manage and make instant arrangements.

#3 Back the Packing!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
Raedy to for it all!

Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle

There’s good reason why this is #3 on the Bridesmaids Checklist! What & how much to pack for the Honeymoon? 😉 Jokes apart, help her imagine and pack everything she needs on those important days when you won’t be around to hunt for her favourite push up bra or lip gloss!

# 4 Tag her Crazy!

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Tag her on all those awesummmmm fb and Instagram posts with fab ideas for her big day! ✌🏻

#5 Be her Party Planner!

Bridesmaids Checklist
Hen’s Party!

Picture Courtesy: Sam & Ekta – Sonder Frames

Throw her the best ever bridal shower and bachelor’s party to make her feel pampered and on top of the world!👰

bridesmaids checklist
Check us Out!

Picture Courtesy: Israni Photography 

Make sure the party is all about her favourites – her likes, her drinks, her people, her party… her way!

#6 Get her Some Beauty Sleep!

Bridesmaids Checklist
Time to Snooze!

Picture Courtesy: Alif Studio CineWeddings

As the wedding nears, your friend will be a bundle of nerves. Help her relax and be prepared to cancel some late night parties! 😱

Bridesmaids Checklist
Sleeping Beauties!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Most importantly, never leave her alone in panic mode.👭

#7 Throw her a Surprise!

Bridesmaids Checklist
Mannequins Say Freeze!

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames

Get together with her bae and other buddies to throw her a fabulous surprise – think flash mob or a mannequin challenge in the middle of of her bachelors!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
Party Zone = Kaala Chashma Selfie Zone!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

If nothing, coordinate a surprise jig on her Sangeet or a Facebook Countdown to kick start her ’10 days to go’!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
A Colourful Dance Jig!

Picture Courtesy: Purushottam Deb ll Photoworks ll

# 8 Help her Get Ready!

Indian Wedding Blog
Let’s Doll up!

Picture Courtesy: The Storyteller

For once, stop fighting over that shade of lipstick & be there to pep her up with your jokes and chitchat when she’s getting ready ;p

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
All Set!

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

And make sure you can hand her anything she needs -tissues, handkerchiefs, safety pins, her favourite perfume, her lucky charm!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
Be her extra Hands!

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

If there is a change of outfit in between ceremonies, be there. And always carry her touch up kit and phone with you… And, don’t forget, you’ve got to help her pee – it really isn’t easy managing that alone with a heaveyweight wedding lehenga!🙈

#9 Be her Entry Brigade!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
Color Coded Welcome!

Picture Courtesy: The Storyteller

Every bride dreams of a grand entry at her Wedding… help her plan and make an awesome entry!

Bridesmaids Checklist
Wait for HER!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Build up the drama before she enters and keep him guessing…

Indian Wedding Blog
Here She comes!

Picture Courtesy:  Gautam Khullar Photography

Or shower her with fresh flowers as she enters the venue with you!

#10 Party Ready – Be her Radar!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
Scan the Scene!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Get ready before time! At the events, enter with her and help her scan the scene for those special guests she wants to meet and greet 👀

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
Perfect Funny Photograph of the Bride and Bridesmaid

Picture Courtesy: KnottyAffair

Also weed out pesky guests and screen her phone for unnecessary calls to keep her away from them! DON’T get drunk too much :p

#11 Get her to Eat!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
The Gala Party with the Bridesmaid

Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown – Lakshya Chawla

No bride has the time or peace of mind to eat at her own wedding. As her bridesmaid, its your job to make her grab a quick bite and a refreshing drink here, there and in between!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Her Cuppa!

Picture courtesy: Orange the salon & Deep Panchal’S Photography

Help her sneak out and grab her cuppa or her carry her favourite chocolates in your clutch to keep her perky and smiling!

#12 Be Camera Ready!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
The Hugs, The Kiss and The Pout!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

Yes, you’ve got a candid photographer but those pics will come in late!!!! Keep your phone camera ready and be dolled up (read color coded – dress coded) to click the best pics with your gang and bestie!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
Pastel Please, Say Cheese!

Picture Courtesy: Coffee Stains

Ready to spend and splurge a bit? Go for a professional bridesmaids shoot – you’ll not just have a ball but cherish the lovely pics forever!

Do's and Dont's of Bridesmaid
The Dress Code of the Bridesmaid

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Documentary 

To help your Bride with the Best Poses, Check out our blog Wedding Photography Poses for Brides – Must Have Clicks for your Dream Album!

#13 Help her Sneak Out!

Indian Wedding Blog
The Forbidden Kiss!

Picture Courtesy : Jayesh Khaturia Photogarphy

The poor love birds are caught in the middle of all the wedding madness, so be a true friend and help them sneak out to catch some moments together! 😘

Bridesmaids Checklist
Close your Eyes…!

Picture Courtesy: LightBucket Productions

Most importantly, expect the unexpected and be prepared to face it all for her… Everything said and done, this simple bridesmaids checklist will help you keep your bestie a supercool bridechilla! Missed out something important? Let us know in comments below!

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