Bride Entry Ideas – Top 10 Trends that’ll make your Groom & Guests go WOW!

Bride Entry Ideas

Dreaming of a fairytale entry to your wedding? We bring you the most awesome, beautiful, classy and some too much fun Bride Entry Ideas you just can’t resist copying! 

Bride Entry Ideas

Here comes the Bride!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography 

So everyone is holding their breath for a glimpse of the beautiful bride… And how do you plan to floor them? If you or your loved one is a Bride-to-be, you’ve got to check out our fabulous Bride Entry Ideas right now!

#1 Get the Fireworks Going!

Bride Entry Ideas
Lights, Camera, Fireworks!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Finesse

Love how the stunning fireworks and sparklers light up the Bride’s path.

bride entry ideas
Sparks Fly!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings & Cupcake Productions

Dreamy, colorful and just perfect for an after dark entry, it’s all the more fun, when done by your family and friends!

#2 Classic Bride Entry Ideas – Phoolon & Kaleere Ki Chaadar!

Bride Entry Ideas
The Flower among her Brothers!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Crasher

Imagine the moment when brothers bring in their sister under a bed of flowers! A moment of happiness with that tinge of pain you never thought you’d feel… 

Bride Entry Ideas
The touch of Auspiciousness

Picture Courtesy: thephotodiary3

Think different flowers, hangings and clinking golden kaleere to add to the beauty and effect!

#3 Make Way for The Bride with SWAG!

Bride Entry Ideas
Vrooming In!

Picture Courtesy: Weddarazzi

The traditional Indian bride on a bike for a perfect pump to your brideswag quotient 

bride entry ideas
Vrooom in!

Picture Courtesy: Deep Panchal’s Photography

Think dolled up autorickshaw and your bridegang on scooties for an electrifying entry!

Indian Bride
The Girl Gang!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios

#4 Vintage & Rustic Charms!

Bride Entry Ideas
Bridal Entry in a Tractor

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story 

Ya, even that good old tractor can come in quite handy! A beautifully painted tractor decorated with colorful flowers for a fabulously entry…

Bride Entry Ideas
Vintage Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography 

Or get hold of a vintage beauty and doll it up for a royal entry with your bridegang and awesome photo-ops later!

#5 The Royal Palki!

Bride Entry Ideas
Palki me Sawar!

Picture Courtesy: Fhotofocus Photography

Nothing beats the Royal bride entry on a palki!

Bride Entry Ideas
The Princess Arrives!

Picture Courtesy: Rahul de Cunha Pictures

If you’re a dreamy classy bride, its nothing but a traditional Palki for you!

#6 Enter with a Flower Shower!

Bride Entry Ideas
Life IS a bed of Roses!

Picture Courtesy: Capturing Emotions

What’s lovelier than an exotic flower shower entry! Choose your favourite flower petals and match with your outfit for picture perfect memories!

Bride Entry Ideas
Flower Glory!

Picture Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

#7 Float in Sweet Bride!

Bride Entry Ideas
The Queen of her King!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

If your wedding venue has water anywhere around it – there’s nothing more romantic than floating in on a beautifully decorated boat!

Indian Bride
Rowing into his heart!

Picture Courtesy: ImageNation Photography moments

While your groom waits at the shore for you, you can surprise him by arriving on a boat!

#8 Grand Floral Carriage!

Bride Entry Ideas
All Set to Wow!

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

Think of a larger, grander, more open version of a Palki – that’s the beauty we’re talking about!

Bride Entry Ideas
The Visual Treat in the Bridal Entry

Picture Courtesy: Israniphotography

A specially designed sophisticated carriage, decorated with choicest flowers and stunning lights while the bride sits in the middle of it all!

#9 Roll in on a Baggage Cart!

Bride Entry Ideas
The Bride on Wheels!

Picture Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks

Imagine rolling in on a hotel baggage cart… friends and family pushing the trolley while you’re all ready to meet your prince charming!

Bride Entry Ideas
The Prettiest Package ever!

Picture Courtesy: Journeys by Ram

#10 The Dancing Bride Entry!

Bride Entry Ideas
The Pastel Bride oooozing Swag!

Picture Courtesy: The Lightsmiths

If you are one who does things your own way –  there’s nothing more ‘Brideswag’ than dancing in your own baraat! No shyness – no inhibitions.

Bride Entry Ideas
The Latkas and Jhatkas of the Bride

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked

A little fun, a little style, a little oomph and whole lot of emotions are all that’s needed to spice up your wedding day! So, go ahead and sweep them off their feet in your own dreams style.

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Seen or experienced any more interesting bride entry ideas? We’d love to hear from you in comments below!

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