DIY Bridal Skincare Tips for Brides to Be – Start NOW!!!

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With wedding season around the corner, here’s a gift from us to all you brides to be – The Ultimate DIY Bridal Skincare Tips!

Wait no more for parlour appointments to get started with your skin. Try our recommended Bridal Skincare Tips to start prepping up, NOW!

Bridal Skincare Tips – Bid Adieu to Dry Skin!

Bridal skincare tips for great beautiy
Glowing Away!

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Hate that dry stretchy feeling that winter months bring to your skin? Mix equal quantities of olive oil, glycerin, aloevera gel and rose water to get your perfect soothing elixir!

bridal skincare tips
Bridal glow!

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Start using this as a nourishing lotion just before winter sets in, to keep dryness away 💛

Goodbye Tan!

Bridal skincare tips for radiance
Who’s scared of the Sun!

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Who doesn’t love stepping out for trousseau shopping, window shopping or just catching up with friends! But you’ve never really cared about that tan, until now… 🙈

Bridal skincare Tips
All smiles!

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All you need, to get rid of that tan is two tablespoons of grated coconut with one tablespoon of milk powder. Make a thick mixture to be used as a scrub twice a week before bed, and you’ll be thanking us soon😍

Body Polishing… at home?!

So, you’re wondering if you should go for regular body polishing sessions…

Bridal skincare tips
On point!

Picture courtesy: Studio RDP

Stop thinking! Just add equal quantities of coconut oil, granulated sugar, honey and aloevera gel for a perfect DIY body polish.

Bride skincare tips
Shine Through!

Makeup by princymakeupartist  Picture Courtesy: @adrin_sequeira

Use this super exfoliator before bath and after scrubbing make sure to apply a toner and moisturizer to discover that smooth flawless ‘polished to perfection’ skin!

How does a Glow Serum sound?

diy skincare routine
We love the glow!

Picture courtesy: Ananya Rijhwani

Will it sound better if we said its just a matter of a few minutes before you head out on a romantic date? 

skincare tips
Glow of Love!

Picture courtesy: Gautam khullar photography

Just add two tablespoons of flaxseed gel to boiling water and let it boil for fifteen minutes. Then add one teaspoon each of glycerin and extra virgin coconut oil. Apply this power packed serum 2-3 times daily and definitely before your next date!

Hate that Pigmentation?

bridal skincare tips
Pretty woman!

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Can’t avoid staying up late but hate it when your skin starts showing dull patches and pigmentation? Well, we’re here for you!

skincare tips

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Just grind some cuddapah almonds(chironji) with equal measure of white sandalwood powder. Apply it on the pigemented areas for five minutes and notice the difference within days!

Glowing Skin!

Who doesn’t want the perfect ‘lit from within’ bridal glow, specially on those sans makeup days like your haldi?

skincare tips
Haldi Glow!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

Follow this simple recipe and you’re good to go! Take two tablespoons each of rice flour, chickpea flour, red lentils and green lentils. Grind them well and store in a powder form.

Bridal skincare tips
So glowing!

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Twice a week, just add a bit of rose water to apply as a face pack and leave it on for a good fifteen minutes.

 skincare tips
All Set!

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Wash off  with cold water and don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer for that lovely glow!

Stress Buster!

Picture courtesy: KnotsbyAMP 

What’s the secret to that relaxed million dollar smile on D Day?

bridal skincare
Glowing under the Veil!

Picture Courtesy: Dhanika Choksi Photography

Well… sleep is the best recipe we’ve got! Take a luke warm shower before you hit bed and keep your phone and other ‘connected’ devices away for a good 8 hrs of beauty sleep every night!

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These DIY bridal skincare tips are great for all skin types. But, if you have sensitive skin, avoid trying these without doing a patch test on your arm before you try it on your face. Do let us know about the results in the comments section below.. & if there is any specific problem you’d like a solution to – just ask us and we’ll help you out!

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    I think you have shared some very valuable tips out here. Beauty cannot be made up in a day and constant care plays a vital role. These tips you have shared are very good and every bride must try them. I also loved the pictures you have shared in this post capturing beautiful moments of the bride.

  3. Natasha dermatologist says:

    There are very good tips in this article, but there are some things that I would like to point out. As these tips can not be applied in every type of season. It must be the warmth of the weather to achieve the best result. This means, where the place is cold or when the cold season came, these tips will not show their effects in the best way

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