Bridal Mehendi Designs That Will Make You go Wowwwww!!!

Here are some amazing Bridal Mehendi Designs that will make you go gaga! Watch, go wow & share!

We at ZoWed understand how important mehndi is to us girls… So, we’ve put together some of the Best Bridal Mehndi Designs for you to check out, stare & share!

Top Bridal Mehndi Designs – The Hashtag

Social Networking is not just on our minds but also on our mehndi – this cool hashtag mehendi is the best example of two souls being one!

Bridal Mehendi Designs with Hashtag
Hashtag Your Mehendi!

Picture Courtesy: Shades Photography

The Tota-Maina Mehendi

Couple in love?  Isn’t it cute to have your tota-maina love birds on your mehndi!!!

Bridal Mehndi Designs
The Tota Maina Mehndi Design! 😍

Picture Courtesy: Morvi Images

Bridal Mehendi Designs that Flaunt that Swag!

Bridal Mehndi Designs
Rock & Roll lover 🎸

Picture Courtesy: Art Capture Prod

If you’re one of our Rock’n’Roll Bindass Brides – this cool Mehendi design is Just the One for you!

The Couple Dance!

We just can’t get over this beautiful Dancing Couple Mehendi design – unique, creative & catchy all the way!

Mehendi Designs
Ball Dance Couple on Mehendi!

Picture Courtesy: Weddings by 42fps 

Your Love Story!

Isn’t it fun to have your love story etched out in your mehndi design? Check out this couple’s London connection, proposal & much more in this cute mehndi story!

Mehendi Designs
London Connection 😍

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Crasher 

Varmala Bridal Mehendi Design!

Mark this intricate Varmala mehndi mehndi design all Brides-to-Be – its a moment that matters and a lovely design too!

Bridal Mehendi Designs
A must for all Brides to-Be!!

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

The Floral & Aalta Mehndi Design!

This breathtaking combination of Floral Mehendi and Aalta will bring you a step closer to classic beauty!

A photo posted by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

Picture Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

The Beautiful Jaali Bridal Mehendi Designs!

Mehendi Designs
Mehendi, Flowers, Maangtika & perfectly Veiled Pose! 👌🏻😍

Picture Courtesy: Twogether Studios

The Jaali mehndi design is an all time classic that’s a brides favourite and simply never goes out of style! Simple, classy & ever beautiful – you can go for this on your hands and your feet.

Mehendi Designs
Awesome mehendi design! ❤

Picture Courtesy: Bugzy’s Photography

Love how these pretty lotuses add a flowery twist to the jaali!

The Traditional Paisley Design!

Bridal Mehndi Designs
Life takes on a New Colour! <3

Picture Courtesy: Anupa Shah Photography

The good old kairis and butis never go out of style -the intricate curves and design mix just make his heart go wow!

The Groom on your Arms!

Mehendi Designs
Get your Groom to Dance to your tunes !!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

Louuuve to see the traditionally etched groom dancing to the brides tunes on her beautiful mehndi!

These beautiful bridal mehndi designs are the latest rage. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in comments and keep them marked for your Big Day!

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Cover Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

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  1. parekhcards says:

    Lovely!! I just love the designs . All are very pretty and the designs are unique and eye catching! During my wedding I will go for these designs. Have bookmarked this blog. Keep on posting with more such updates

  2. Lily says:

    Nice presentation of such beautiful designs for all auspious/religious occasions.
    Absolutely amazing! some of them are masterpieces. I love to see the creativity growing 🙂

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