Bridal Jewellery DECODED with Manubhai Jewellers – How to Plan & What to Buy!

Its everything but easy to shop for your wedding jewellery! In talks with the famed Manubhai Jewellers of Mumbai to help you Brides-to-be pick the perfect bridal jewellery and make it through your wedding week.

1. We love your bridal jewellery collection! Please tell our readers more about the Manubhai Jewellers brand and its story.

bridal jewelry
Golden Glow!

Jewellery has been in our family for generations. So as a brand, we are truly passionate about curating and crafting the best jewellery. We work with designers, artisans and craftsmen across the country to bring our customers the finest quality and designs of stunning fine jewellery.

bridal jewelry
Everything that Glitters!

At Manubhai Jewellers, we believe that a bride should feel nothing less than a princess on her big day!

Our team constantly works with bridal trends so the right jewelry complements their gorgeous wedding outfits with the perfect blend – colour of gemstones, the ideal nakshi work, a plethora of motifs and artistic meenakari.

2. Today’s To-Be brides have never really worn much jewelry to be honest. And they’re really lost when it comes to shopping for their wedding jewelry. How do you suggest them to go about it?

Brides-to-be today, in fact are particular and have a strong design sensibility.

Bridal Jewelry
Pinks n Pearls

They’ve planned each wedding function down to the finest details like décor, photography and the colours. They come to us with their outfits predefined for each of their functions; from the engagement to the pheras.

Bridal Jewellery

For the engagement, cocktail evenings and wedding receptions, we’ve seen most brides wear embellished gowns in western styles. So we usually advise brides to opt in for diamond jewellery in such cases; from our Diamonds by Manubhai Collection!

Bridal Jewelry
Green Glow

For the sangeet, most brides pick colour based jewellery and off set it with muted lehenga colours. Like this stunning emerald beaded necklace with studs! For the pheras and other wedding ceremonies, brides go back to their traditional roots and want to adorn ethnic jewellery.

bridal Jewellery
Heritage Charm!

So jadau necklaces, with kundan karigari and gemstones are usually the pick.

Bridal Jewellery
Glam up!

Gorgeous chokers with intricate carving, antique finished necklaces, colourful hues of blues, reds and greens are what brides should pick to pair with their lehengas.

3. So let’s take it one occasion at a time! Say, I’m shopping for my engagement, what kind of jewelry should I look at?

Bridal Jewelry

Engagements are all families meeting for the first time, so making big impressions becomes crucial. And nothing spells luxury and style like diamonds!

Since, most engagements are dotted with embellished gowns and sarees, we would recommend brides to opt for chunky diamond pendants paired with an edgy diamond cocktail ring and diamond cuff.

Bridal Jewelry
Dazzling Diamonds

If you’re a minimalist at heart, pair large diamond earrings with a ring and you’re good to go! Diamond chokers and necklaces with fancy shaped diamonds are a huge hit too.

Bridal Jewelry
Emerald Love

4. How should my Sangeet jewelry differ from my Wedding jewelry?

Bridal Jewelry
Royal Blue!

Sangeet is a function where everyone is in a fun mode. While lehengas usually rule the day, brides are more ready to experiment with colours!

Bridal Jewelry

Brides opt for colourful hues of emeralds, amethysts and rubies from our ‘Brides by Manubhai‘ collection. Contrast it with your lehenga or match with it… either way keep it light, fresh and trendy!

5. What about the jewellery for cocktail parties – shouldn’t that be very light and English?

Cocktail parties are more serious partying avenues for brides. So keep it classy and edgy!


Diamonds are the way to go. The Diamonds by Manubhai collection has some stunning diamond rings, earrings and cuffs in marquise diamonds and baguette diamonds brides can wear.

6. What kind Reception jewelry should a bride-to-be invest in?

Well, honestly there is the gold bride and then there is the diamond bride!

Bridal Jewelry

A statement jadau choker to match the elaborate lehenga paired with a nice mangtika and jadau bangles would be the right choice for the gold bride.

Bridal Jewelry
Dazzle Away!

For the diamond bride, we would suggest picking an elegant rose gold necklace which would become the statement jewellery piece for the evening. Pair that with chunky diamond cocktail rings and the evening is yours!

7. Also, are oversized maangtikas still in trend?

Mangtikas are very much in trend. Wear it at your wedding, then wear it for a friend’s wedding ceremony or your sister’s wedding ceremonies.

bridal jewelry

It’s such a versatile piece of jewellery to wear at any occasion! Oversized jadau maangtikas in fact make for the perfect bridal statement piece.

8. What about the beautiful hathphool we see these days? Which occasion or outfit does it look best with?

Bridal Jewelry

Haathphool are a beautiful and elaborate jewellery piece that dolls up any bride’s hands!  Classic haathphools are best worn during the pheras and main wedding ceremonies.

Bridal Jewelry
Jadau Love

In fact, at Manubhai Jewellers, we have a few modern interpretations of haathphool too!

9. What is that one piece of jewelry every bride must have in her trousseau?

We believe every bride’s trousseau should include these ‘Must Have’ jewellery pieces –

Bridal Jewelry
Mesmerizing Chandbalis

Classic diamond studs or a rose gold diamond pendant set, a rich pair of jhumkhis or chandbalis for your ethnic look and a gold as well as diamond mangalsutra to go with either of your wardrobe choices.

While you’re thinking about which bridal jewellery to shop for, do check out these stunning jhumkas, chokers and rings from their collection that we jut couldn’t stop falling in love with!

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