Bridal Jewellery Decoded – Your Wedding Jewellery Buying GUIDE by Manubhai Jewellers & ZoWed!

bridal jewellery

If you’re a bride to-be and you just don’t know what type of bridal jewellery you should be shopping for.. STOP right here!

We’ve got all your bridal jewellery dilemmas resolved right here with some jaw dropping ideas and collections from Manubhai Jewellers!

Everyone’s fussing about the big day and how you’ll be dolling up in the most stunning outfits and jewelry ever. But we know what you’re really thinking… “I’ve hardly ever worn much traditional jewelry, so who knows what to look for when I’m going shopping for bridal jewellery!”

bridal jewellery
Pretty things!

Luckily for you, we were recently checking out ‘Brides by Manubhai Jewellers – the bridal jewelry collection by Manubhai Jewellers that has something perfect for every kinda bride. And trust us when we say, we were awestruck! So here’s our Bridal Jewellery shopping Guide for you…

STEP 1- Choose your Outfit Colors!

Before you set about hunting for your bridal jewellery, the first thing to think about is, what kind of bride are you going to be? What color tones are you thinking of wearing on the D Day? What’s your dream bridal look – pretty pastel, ravishing red or classy ivory?

Bridal jewelry

Once you’ve got a rough idea of your preferred color palette (even if you haven’t yet zeroed in on ‘the lehenga’) – you can actually start your bridal jewelry shopping with some confidence!

STEP 2 – Look for the RIGHT kind of Bridal Jewellery!

bridal jewelry
Pretty Pastel!

#1 Pretty Pastel Bride!

If everything on your mind, from your wedding lehenga to the décor to the mandap to your lip color and your cocktail gown is baby pinks, powdery blues, minty greens in subtle English shades that ooze floral delicate charm – you need to pick jewelry that complements – something that’s simple yet GLAMOUROUS!

bridal jewellery

The ‘Pastel Bride’ collection by Manubhai Jewellers speaks of jewellery that stands out among your subdued pastel theme. This collection has pieces in kundan, gold and antique finish. Its highlight is ‘gold beads’ that are resplendent through all the pieces. The bangles have nakshi karigari all over them and kundan stones engraved.

Bridal jewelry
Bangle Love!

Thinking what you’ll do with such heavy jewelry after your wedding? We louuuuve how each of these pieces are so chic that you can wear them individually to different functions!

Bridal jewelry
Jhumka Geera Re

Just don these jhumkas and bangles with a Patiala on your friend’s sangeet and you’re set!

gold bangles
Gold Karigari

Or if you’re wearing a low neck gown at your sister’s cocktail, you can easily pair it with the fusion look choker – isn’t that amazing!

Pocket Pinch: The chokers start from INR 5 lacs onwards and the bangles start from 1.5 lacs.

#2 Ravishing Red Bride!

Bridal jewelry
Regal Red!

If you’ve grown up imagining yourself in nothing but ravishing red on your wedding day, we’d say ‘Go Regal’! The evergreen red and gold combination works wonders for a royal look, whether you’re going for a lehenga or a traditional red saree.

Bridal jewelry

The ‘Red Bride’ collection by Manubhai Jewellers is full of pieces like this regal 22k gold choker set with jadau karigari. We love how the combination of white kundan karigari over the antique finished gold bridal jewellery gives this piece a heritage heirloom look!

Bridal jewelry

Note the intricate chitrayi design motifs that’s been crafted into this set. Remember, layering is very much in trend, so rather than making your necklace any heavier – add to your regal look by pair this with a 3/4th length kantha in gold.

Bridal jewelry
Layer on!

This also means you can later split up and wear both these pieces separately as you want!

Bridal jewelry

For your arms, you could either opt for traditional red and gold chudas or go with antique finished bangles with a hint of red.

Bridal jewelry
Hint of Red!

#3 Classy Ivory bride!

bridal jewellery
Go Ivory!

If you can’t imagine yourself in traditional reds and greens and neither do you want to join the pastel tribe, the best color palette for your wedding lehenga is classy ivory and shades of champagne, off white and gold.

Bridal jewelry
Chic Overdose!

And when you’re going with something as hatke as ivory, your bridal jewelry must complement this look by being completely statement pieces – think earthy antique finish chic chokers with an ethnic overdose!

Bridal jewelry
Stories in Antique Gold!

The ‘Ivory Bride’ collection by Manubhai Jewellers uses intricate Chitrayi karigari as the highlight to achieve traditional temple jewellery kind of look in a very trendy chic antique finish.

bridal jewelry

In fact, these classic pieces are so versatile, that they’ll match perfectly with your beiges and ivories as much as they’ll go with a traditional kanjeevaram silk sari donning south Indian bride’s dream look!

Bridal jewelry

Instead of the usual jhumkas or chandbaalis, go for these antique gold studs to complete your chic ivory bride look. And later you’ve got something rustic and great to wear with those high neck kurtis or boat necked blouses!

Pocket Pinch: These antique finished necklaces start from 3 lacs onwards.

STEP 3 – Shortlist & Try

Once you’ve shortlisted your favorite set in the right kind of jewelry that complements your lehenga color, make sure to try the final pieces and click pictures.

It’s important that on the day of your jewelry trial, you wear color tones and necklines similar to the ones you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. This helps you better visualize your final look rather than leaving it to imagination!

bridal jewelry
Try it on!

Sometimes earrings can turn out to be much heavier (or even have thicker stems!) than your ears can support. In such cases, trying them out before you order lets you customize the design or weight and add support elements as required.

P.S. – Clicking pictures is a must – as it helps you see yourself in a frame, as opposed to seeing yourself only in the showroom mirror with 20 eyes glaring at you!

STEP 4 – Finalize & Book!

Once you’ve made headway in your lehenga shopping and have your top 2/3 outfits shortlisted, you’re now sure of your color and style. It’s ideal to go ahead and book your bridal jewellery NOW rather than later!

bridal jewelry
Find your Look!

You can even show these jewelry trial pictures to your outfit designer. So they can make any desired changes in the neckline or add a hint of complementing stones and embellishments to your blouse or veil.

bridal jewellery
Shining Bright!

Now sit back and breathe a sigh of relief… with your bridal jewellery shopping sorted you’re now ready to go rule your wedding day like a princess! And don’t forget to tell us which jewellery you loved the most in the comments below!!!

Pictures Courtesy: Manubhai Jewellers, Little Big Weddings, Nitish Arora  

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