A Super Bride Diet Chart & Nutrition Guide to look Glam.. without losing the Glow!

Bride Diet Chart

Looking for crash diets and short cuts to lose weight before your wedding day? DON’T! This super bride diet chart by leading global and celeb nutritionists answers all your questions and more…!

If you’re a bride-to-be with a wedding date approaching fast, a thousand things must be weighing on your mind… But that, my dear ladies is no reason to ignore your weight, nutrition, and wellness! Our bride diet chart comes to your rescue.

Bride Diet Chart
Sweet N Sour

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Beta eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water. Hey, you must drink 5 cups of green tea every day… My dear, you can’t be eating rice.. honey, you must fit into that gown!

You’ll hear as many pieces of diet advice as the number of greys on your neighborhood aunty’s head, so what to follow and what not? And more importantly, what body and fitness goals to set for yourself and how to achieve them by D-day without losing your mind?

Bride Diet Chart
Some fruits, please

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If these questions are plaguing you, worry not! We went ahead and spoke to two leading diet and nutrition experts – Tanya Zukerbrot, the famous New York nutritionist to Hollywood stars like Katie Couric and Molly Sims. She’s also the founder of F-Factor Diet. We also have on board with us Ryan Fernando of QUA Nutrition who’s worked with an endless list of star athletes and celebrities like Amir Khan, Shikhar Dhawan, Harbhajan Singh and many more.

Bride Diet Chart

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So here are the deets of the perfect diet chart, nutrition plans and more for all you brides-to-be. Read on, make notes, and start following pronto!

The one thing brides-to-be MUST include in their diet?

Bride Diet Chart
Cooking up some Louvee

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Tanya of F-Factor says it’s all about adding more ‘fiber’ to your diet – the zero calorie – high volume wonder that absorbs and removes fat, boosts metabolism and decreases inflammation. Think of a large, delicious bowl of salad – you lose weight without feeling hungry throughout the day!

Bride Diet Chart

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Ryan of QUA Nutrition says brides need to stay well hydrated (lots of water/tender coconut water/infused water) and follow a balanced diet rich in antioxidants.

The one thing brides-to-be MUST exclude from their diet???

Bride Diet Chart
Coffee is Bae

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“Avoid processed high sugar foods, street food and anything that comes in a plastic packet. DO NOT EAT OUT!” asserts Ryan. Usually, all food cooked outside your home is made with a profit margin in mind. Using the cheapest raw materials to create fat laden tasty dishes that serve only your taste buds and destroy your health – think about that!

Bride Diet Chart

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Also, if you can go organic, the improvement in immunity and skin is visible in two weeks.

Tanya suggests staying away from salt, caffeine, alcohol (especially beer) and gum to avoid bloating, excess water retention and jitters.

Which foods MUST be included in the diet to get a healthy bridal glow?

Bride Diet Chart
Yes, I’m the bride

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While water and hydration rule when it comes to healthy glowing skin, there are lots of other dietary additions that can go a long way. Our experts vouch for –

– High fibre diet

– Smoothies

– Nonfat Greek yogurt with high fiber cereal

– Fruits like pineapple, kiwi, banana, watermelon, avocado, strawberries, blueberries, apple

Bride Diet Chart
Sinful Indulgence

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– Vegetables like bell pepper, sweet potato, turmeric, ginger, carrots, beetroot

– Nuts and seeds like sunflower seeds, walnuts, flax seeds, pistachios

– Non-vegetarians can include egg and omlette, fish, fish oil extracts

And remember, no new foods should be tried 10 days before the wedding!

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Skincare Routine for Brides-to-Be… Get going NOW!

Looking to shed pounds? Here’s what you need to do –

Bride Diet Chart
Khatta bhi, Meetha bhi

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Ryan’s tips:

– Portion size needs to be in check

– Eat in a small plate and spoon and also ensure to chew and eat the food slowly.

– Ensure to be involved in physical activity for at least 45 mins to 1 hour daily.

Bride Diet Chart
Munch but with a smile

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– Diet is not about eating or avoiding foods for a certain period of time, it’s a pattern of inculcating good food habits required for you, so you will keep fit automatically even after your D Day.

Bride Diet Chart
For my glowing skin

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Tanya asserts how the F-Factor diet is all about sustainable practices that you can follow on an everyday basis. They help you achieve weight loss without ‘going on a fad diet’ that’s difficult to maintain.

Download the complete Diet Chart as provided by Ryan and stay updated on the latest on Indian Weddings –

Bridal Diet Chart

Add the right things to your diet rather than cutting out stuff. Contrary to popular opinion, eat the right carbs, dine out, drink alcohol and workout less – and still lose weight! She says.

How important is exercising to lose weight?

Bride Diet Chart
Fitness Freak Couple

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Girls, there’s no shortcut to this! Ryan confirms – diet and exercise go hand in hand. It’s 70% diet and 30% exercise. And 30% is not a small number to be ignored!

Regular exercise helps in making your bridal diet work at its best.

– When you sweat, you remove toxins, your skin will tone and get clear too.

– 1 hour of brisk walking every day is good.

Bride Diet Chart
Before the ‘I Do’ moment

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– Get a personal trainer 6 months prior to tone your body and burn fat.

– Deep tissue massages once a week also help clear cellulite.

Remember, you want to look fabulous on your honeymoon and in that swimming pool!

How do stress and sleep factor affect a bride’s health?

Bride Diet Chart
Sleeping Beauty

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Stress can increase the cortisol levels in your body which leads to weight gain and might not be helpful for the nutrition plan that you’re following. It can lead to irritability, mood swings, and overeating.

Bride Diet Chart
Chilling Out

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It’s a good idea to include stress-busting foods like pumpkin seed, probiotics and vitamin B complex to your diet. Mediation and belly breathing work. Ryan says “I have seen clients who dance are the least stressed. Go for Zumba or belly dance classes every day!”

Bride Diet Chart
Swag On

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Stress can also affect your sleep. Always aim for 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to dull skin, dark circles, and exaggerated feelings of hunger during the day, even if you’ve had enough to eat!

Tanya suggests – “Meditating for even 10 minutes can help to reduce stress. Try downloading an app like headspace, or taking a hot bath to calm your nerves!”

Bride Diet Chart
Cos health is wealth

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In the end, Ryan asserts that the one philosophy brides need to follow is “Keep it simple and Love thy self”… and we couldn’t agree more!

That’s all you gorgeous ladies need to know to kick start your bride diet chart and nutrition guide. So, start the fitness regime with the motto of ‘EAT sensible, SLEEP, EXERCISE, REPEAT’ from today…

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