Brideswag Alert : 11 Rocking Poses to get your SWAG Bang on!

Brideswag poses

You simply CAN’T ignore Brideswag clicks when it comes to your wedding album! We bring you the Top 11 Swag poses and ideas…

Check out these sassy brides in the ultimate Brideswag poses! Watch, copy & enjoy 😉

#1 The Kala (Pink or any damn) Chashma Pose!

brideswag poses
Lasses on the Beach!

Picture Courtesy: Infinite Memories

What started as a Kaala chashma trend a la Katrina Kaif, has now moved on to glares and super cool reflectors in every shade paired with your lehenga!

Bride Swag
Dulha Kithe Hai?

Picture Courtesy- Dipak Studios

It’s etched in our minds and there’s nothing we would want to change about this shot! 😎

#2 Sisters in Crime!

Sisters in Crime!

Picture Courtesy: Candid Wedding Stories

There’s nobody you can get sassy, silly & pout-pout sexy with than your gang of girls & sisters!

Mehendi fun with the gang!! 😍 ✌

Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle

So get your color coded bridegang together & take a super hot shot at it!

brideswag bridesmaids
Color Coded!

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

#3 The Sparkling Sneakers!

Bride Swag
Sparkle and Sneakers – now that’s a combination!!

Picture courtesy- Nishith Dayal Photography

Nothing speaks SWAG louder than a pair of shining silver sneakers from under those ornate wedding lehengas!

The Real Bridal Glow!

Picture Courtesy: The Photo Diary 

So go on, ditch those uncomfortable high heels and make sneakers your new D Day BFF 😉

#4 Now, that’s what we call sheer Brideswag!

Bride Swag
The Bride’s Got Swag!!

Picture Courtesy – Wedding Nama

When your photographer asks you to strike traditional bridal poses, just turn around & roll your eyes or flash your attitude!

Brideswag poses
Go Click!

Picture Courtesy: The Love Struck Weddings

#4 Couples Just Wanna Have Fun!

Bride Swag
The Most Fun Couple Ever!!!

Picture Courtesy – Wedding Nama

Done with those sweet romantic couple poses? Do something that defines you best as a couple – free, wild & crazy!

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So what if it’s making crazy faces like nobody cares!

#5 Biker Chick Cool!

Brideswag biker
Biker Vibes!

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

There’s something about brides oozing biker chick vibes that just makes them irresistibly cool!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Guns & Roses!

Picture Courtesy: Ffstudio

A dressed to the nines Indian Bride… on a badass Harley! Can you even think of anything cooler?

Indian Wedding Blog
Biker Chick SWAG!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story 

#6 But First, My Drink!

brideswag poses
Cheers to Life!

Picture Courtesy: MakeUp by Pooja

Here comes the uber-cool bride who doesn’t give a damn who’s watching & what they’re drinking… errr Thinking!

Bride Swag
Who Cares?

Picture Courtesy- Bhumi & Simran Photography

Because your wedding is one big party that you can’t miss!!!

4 Bottle….. 😉

Picture Courtesy: SZ Photo & Films

#7 The Real Bride behind that Veil!

Indian Wedding Blog
The many Moods of the Indian Bride!

Picture Courtesy: Jeet Mohnani Photography 

If only the world could see the real moods &  colours of the sundar, susheel dulhan behind that veil! 😉

Let’s Go Pizza!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

So much for the poised and elegant couple portrait shots! All we need is to capture those super fun shots, even if it means catching you two in your crazy moments!

indian wedding blog
Topsy Turvy!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

#8 Dressing Gown Cool!

brideswag poses
Sexy me in pretty that!

Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown

So you’re just about to get ready and you can’t stop strutting around in your sexy dressing gown feeling on top of the world!

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With your bro or besties – this makes for one helluva shot!

Wedding Day Yay!!!!

Picture Courtesy- Infinite memories

B’cos it’s all fair in the name of love, Brideswag and weddings!

#9 Go Pout-Pout!

Indian Wedding Blog
Golden Tadka!

Picture Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

What’s a bride without a little bit of tadka? Go pout-pout & get your photographer to go click-click!

Indian Wedding Blog
Go Pout!

Picture Courtesy: Pooja Joseph Photography

#10 Tongue in Cheek!

Status Update!

Picture Courtesy: Prabh Photography

A li’l bit of tongue-in-cheek humor never hurt anyone!

 brideswag poses
Dancing Away!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

#11 Rocking your Entry!

Bride and her entourage!

Picture courtesy: Shutterdown

Make a Superstar entry that nobody forgets… What’s more stylish than that!

Rockstar bride!

Picture courtesy: Royalaffairweddings

Why should only the Dulha get his baraat?! If you’re up for it, dance your way to your Varmala! 💃🏻

and here’s an our awesome bride Kanika’s besties shoot pictures ooozing swag – MUST Check these Out!

Perfectly captured by: Sunny Dhiman Photography

So our take is, don’t tame yourself and be as fun as you can be! There’s nothing more cool than a bride who’s just plain chilled out!

Join in with what you like, love, or hate about these Brideswag pics, won’t you?

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